How To Make A Guy Want You – 4 Deadly Simple Secrets To Be The Women Men Adore

In these modern days, there are a lot of women who prioritize their work rather than their love life. These are those who will face relationship problems and some are still single at the age of 40s. Apart from work, love is an essential need in our life. I am pretty sure that most of the women want to be pampered and loved by a man. Sometimes, you will definitely need someone to share your ups and downs and someone who will continuously support you in whatever you do.


Thus, the main question for most women is - how to make a guy want you. It is every woman’s wish to have a guy who wants and loves them. Therefore, continue reading to learn on how to make a guy want you.


Be a pleasant-looking lady


Just be yourself at all times to make a guy want you. You don’t have to put on a thick make up and dress up like a celebrity just to attract a guy. This will harm your skin texture and you will look ugly without your make up. Just put on a simple make up such as – eyeliner, mascara and lip gloss. This is more than enough to give a pleasant look. You can also go for a facial treatment twice a month to treat and rejuvenate your face and at the same time to relax and de-stress yourself. 


Dress up in a way that will make you feel more comfortable for your outing. If you are short, wear a pair of comfortable high heels. You don’t have to choose 4 inches heels just to make you look tall. Remember, height is not an obstacle to make a guy want you!


Your priority


You have to know what your priorities in life are. Don’t put 100% effort in your working life hoping to get promoted and earn big income. You need to know that social life is also important. Men will feel ignored or neglected if you don’t plan and organize your time wisely. You can choose another job if you lose your current ones but if you lose your loving partner, it is not that easy to find another Mr. Right for yourself. Show your enthusiasm and care for a man that wants you.

Don’t be over confident and too independent


Sometimes, you must not be over-confident and too independent in everything you do. This will only make him feel that you are better than him and you don’t need him actually. You can always share your thoughts with him and ask for his opinions or ideas. Besides that, you can also help him or give him some relevant suggestions if he faces any problem. This will definitely make him feel that you are the one for him. Be adorable and thoughtful.


Be An Adorable and Cheerful Women


Most men like adorable and cheerful women. You need to know how to attract him to make him want you. Sometimes a bit of teasing and jokes are needed to make your conversation fill with laughter. As for women, you must not sulk easily whenever your partner teases you. Once awhile it is still alright but if it’s too often he will feel annoyed. Always remember – it is just a joke.


Sometimes, you can be flirty with him. This will make his day and feels that you are attractive to him. This can be one of the ways on how to make him want you.


It is not that difficult to make a man want you. All you have to do is to be yourself and prioritize what is important in your life.



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