Is He Into Me? 5 Signals A Man Is Interested In A Woman

Having a doubtful feeling towards his actions? Wondering if he is interested in you? And why is he staring at you?


There are a lot of questions popped up in a girl’s mind when a guy acts differently towards her. It is a norm for a girl to keep on guessing whether a guy is attracted to her before she can see it clearly. Nowadays, some guys are too shy to express their own feeling towards the girls they like. However, it is actually easy for a girl to know if a guy is interested in you because they are a lot of signs of attraction that are clearly noticeable.


Here are some usual signs of attraction shown by the guys.


Eye contact


For the first time when a guy sees you, he will love to stare at you for a long time. This shows that he is interested in you and loves to look at you. Guys will give a special eye contact which is different from other people when they fall in love with you. For example, a guy will try to stare at you from far and once you notice that, he will quickly look at other place. Once you have notice this, don’t ever try to look at him all the time so that he can’t look at you. This will just scare him away and he will think that you don’t like him. If you want to get to know him better, just look at him and give him a sweet smile to show your response.




Once he gets the chance to talk to you, he will surely ask for your hand-phone number and your instant messenger email address. Guys love to chat with the girls they like through instant messenger. They will feel uneasy even just one day he didn’t see or chat with you. Chat box is a useful tool to strengthen a relationship because it is full with emoticons to show your expression. If you have a head-phone, you can always talk to him through instant messenger – just like how you talk trough the phone.



When a guy is attracted to you, he would want to listen to your sweet voice everyday. Usually guys will make call to you for a longer duration than usual because he will have more things to talk to you such as asking how are you, what have you done the whole day, any special things happened and others. Besides his eagerness to listen to your voice, it shows his concerns towards you. For some smart guys, before they start to call you, they will send some text messages to the girls first. He will start calling you when there are interesting topics to chat further with you.


Ask for a date


Another sign of attraction is to ask you out for a well-planned outing. He will usually bring you for a dinner and movie. Sometimes he will bring you to shop because he knows girls like to shop by nature. All in all, his main purpose is to see you and spend more time with you. For every single outing, he will try to get to know you better.


Buy things for you


If he is attracted to you, he buy things for you especially on some special days such as your birthday, Christmas and others. Don’t get over-excited for something expensive. This will only show that you are a materialistic girl. Always have in mind, it is not the price that matters but the effort and thought that are important.


These are some of the usual signs of attraction when a guy falls in love with you. Get to know him better if he is someone right for you.


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