5 Signs Men Give When They Are In Love With You

All the women would like to know that the men whom they are dating love them or not? This can be easily answered with the help of the five signs given by men, which are stated below. Normally we see that the women are pretty much talkative and as for the men, they don’t even let out as to what is going on in their minds. With the help of telltale signs, you can know his feelings for you. Even men give such signs by which women can come to know his exact feelings. Generally men don’t express their feeling because they fear that women reaction may be negative to it.


Five signs which is expressed by the men in order to convey his feelings –


The first one is that he likes to spend time with you. Any man would like to spend his precious time with the women who understand him well. No matter how much busy the guy is he will always try his best to meet the girl no matter even if it’s for few minutes. He will try to plan out his schedule in such a way were he gets to spend more time with the girl. He wants you to think and dream about him just like he does. It will be confirmed to you that he loves you because he will always try to find some or the other reason to spend time with you.


This is considered to be one of the main sign, if he gives his more attention to you and is least bothered about the other girls. Generally men are very alert about the existence of the other girls around him. If a guy really loves you then this alertness will decrease and his only aim will be to give his entire attention to you. The thing which will interest him more is to spend a good time with you all alone and will put in his heart and soul to arrange this date. He will attempt to pull you from the group and spend some quality time with you.

The third sign would be that he always wants you to be happy and be fit and fine. This sign is the most obvious one through which you can easily make out that he is in love with you.


Men has their routine set normally, he usually hates anyone disturbing him when he is in the middle of his most liked thing. If he sets aside his allowance especially for you, makes decision that he would like to do some special thing for you, and then by this it is 100 percent clear that he loves you and he considered nothing else as important as you.


The final one is that he starts planning his future with you. For instance, if a guy plans his future and considers you also as an imperative part of it then it’s sure that he is madly in love with you and wants you for the rest of his life.


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