How To Know If A Guy Is Attracted To You - 5 Signs That He's Attracted To You

  There's always the possibility of someone having a secret admirer, no matter how remote that chance might be. You may be a lovelorn teenager, a single mother or just an average person on the street. But, there's always someone out there for everyone and that person might be the guy you least expect.


  But, how to know if a guy is attracted to you? That's a question that is easily answerable but not easy to act upon. However, if you follow certain tips and guidelines, you'll be able to figure it out. 


1) The first moment

  Love at first sight seems like a myth nowadays. A relic of the past that has no place in the present era; except for in movies and novels. Although I won't go as far as to say that you can fall in love on sight, you can't deny that you've had (or at least, hope to have) one single second where you stared into someone's eyes and you could swear that everything else seem to slow down as you silently drown in the warmth of his gaze.


  Okay, maybe that was a little bit far-fetched, but there is always a chance that you'll have lesser versions of the 'love-at-first-sight' moments. The eyes are the windows to one's hopes and desires. All you have to do is to look into his eyes and you'll be able to get a hint of what his feelings are for you.


2) Looking his best

  Appearances always matter. It gives someone a good impression of yourself and if you want to impress someone, you'll dress to the nines. So, to know if a guy is attracted to you, just check out his clothes. Does he always seem well-dressed around you? Maybe he styles his hair whenever there's a chance meeting. Or he could start to use facial products. These are usually noticed as gradual changes as the guy will often try to come up with new look in an attempt to illicit a comment from you


3) Rumors

  Sometimes, you'll have to go old school to know whether he's into you or not. Just listening around or asking casual questions to your friends might help you glean more information about your situation. But, you can't really rely a hundred percent on this method. A rumor is a living breathing thing. They have a way of evolving into something else entirely as it passes from mouth to mouth. A simple comment as saying 'She looks pretty today' can reach the end of the chain as 'He's totally into her'.  



   You can never have too many friends. They are invaluable to you as you progress through life. As the saying goes, 'No man is an island'. So, discuss your dilemma with your buddies and try to come up with solutions. Maybe, you all can concoct a plan that involves inviting him for a group gathering, where, in actuality, only you and him attend.


5) The body speaks

  Being human; you can never be able to hide your feelings totally. There's always a single twitch or gesture that can give you away. And these movements can be read by people who know how. Use this in knowing how to know if a guy is attracted to you.


  Talk to him and observe his reaction. Does he gets nervous and wipes his palms on his shirt? Does his voice stutter? Does his eye look around when trying to answer a question? Maybe, his body is angled towards you; a reaction to his subconscious desires.


  The pursuit of love can be quite tiring and sometimes quite disappointing. However, you should be always prepared and think positively. But, there is always someone out there for everyone and you should always use those tips above to know if a guy is attracted to you.



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