Why Are Men Scared Of Commitment? 5 Reasons Why Guys Are Scared To Commit In A Love Relationship


Some guys are serious when it comes to love relationship but mostly are scared to give their commitment. It really depends at what age they start to have their love relationship. Some of them started at a very young age and some of them are not matured enough to be serious in a relationship. So, get to know more about the reasons why men scared of commitment especially for a long term relationship.


Past Experience


Some guys get themselves involve in a love relationship without preparing to fully commit. This happened most probably because they were hurt by their past experiences. For example, if a guy is hurt deeply by a girl he loves the most, he will be traumatized and scared to really give his commitment to build a new love. He is afraid that the same thing will occur again if he commit too much. He needs time to build back his trust and confidence in love relationship.


No Confidence


Another reason why guys are scared of commitment is simply because they are lack of confidence in themselves. They are pessimistic that the love relationship won’t last long and a lot of problems will occur. To avoid suffering in the near future, it is better for them not to be too serious in a relationship. Thus, the girls play an important role here to let the guys have faith in a relationship. Show him that you do care for the one you love as much as he cares for you.




Some of the men are scared to commit simply because they don’t want to be responsible if anything happen in the near future. They are afraid of the responsibility if they commit too much in a relationship. For example, if a guy gives his full commitment in building a relationship, he is afraid that he will be forced to be tied down with marriage. They still want to enjoy their youth and the freedom in life.


Girl’s Attitude


Besides guys, some of the girls also treated love as a part of game in life. Some girls get involved in a relationship just to make fool of the guys. This can be another reason why guys are scared to commit themselves in a love relationship. They doubt if the girls they love will betray them one day and follow another guy. Thus, girls must always give their beloved ones some sense of security so that they can fully commit in a relationship.

Too Young


Nowadays, a lot of youngsters start to involve themselves in a relationship at a very young age between 13 years old to 18 years old. This is what people usually call ‘puppy love’. They just want to get the feeling of having a companion. Thus, they never plan for a long lasting relationship.


These are the main reasons why guys are scared of commitment in a love relationship. Sometimes, you can’t simply blame a guy if they don’t want to give their full commitment or if they are not serious with you. There might be some reasons behind it. If you really love a guy, try to understand him. Play your role as a great life companion for him and encourage him to put his effort in the relationship as well.


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May 17, 2010