Does He Really Love Me? 4 Signs To Ensure That He Really Loves You

A lot of guys will put their best effort when they first tackle you. They want to captivate your heart. After a few months of getting together in a relationship, you will realize that his effort decreases as time passed by. Thus, the question of whether he likes you will always pop up in your mind. Does he really love me? How much does  he love me? You would most probably start to think that you are no longer attractive to him and feel insecure in your relationship with him.


Thus, this article will tell you more on how to know if he really loves you.


Ask you for a date


If a guy really loves you, he will always want to see you. Thus, once in a while he will ask you out for a date such as a dinner or a movie. Sometimes you may notice that he does not ask you out as frequent as you would expect. This doesn’t mean that he lost interest in you. Most probably he is busy with his work. Be understanding and give him some space to have his own time.


Share thoughts


Guys like to share their thoughts and opinions with someone they love. Always remember, sharing is caring. This is because you are someone special for him and of course he wants you to know every single thing about him. Not every guy will simply share their problem with others. Whenever he has a problem, he will turn to you. Help as much as you can. Don’t worry if you can’t; at least your moral support can motivate him as well.


Special day


How to know if he really loves you is pretty easy by testing his ability to memorize your special day. If he really loves you, he will remember certain special dates to be celebrated together with you such as your birthday, Valentine’s Day, anniversary day and others. He will definitely prepare a nice dinner and plan for both of you. If he gives you a present, don’t ever judge the price of the gift as the effort he put in is more valuable. This can be a clear sign that he really loves you a lot. It is not an easy thing for guys as most of the guys are lazy in memorizing dates. So, be glad if he does!


Strengthen relationship with your family


If a guy really loves you, he will accept everything about you including your family. He will try his best to please and make your family happy as well. Sometimes, he will plan to bring your brother and sister together for an outing to let them enjoy. For him, strengthen the relation with your family is important to build a long lasting relationship with you. As for your part, you must do the same as well.


These are some of the signs to ensure that he really loves you. Don’t over judge something as it may turn up negative to your relationship. Think positively and act smartly as his partner. He wouldn’t want to spend so much effort on you if he doesn’t love you. So girls, it is not that difficult to find out how to know if he really loves you, isn’t it?


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