How To Tell If They're Interested

The non-verbal signals are pretty much the same in both men and women. Here's a quick list to help:

Are they smiling at you often?
Do they compliment you?
Are they making lots of eye contact?
Are they leaning toward you?
Do they try to make contact? Perhaps by touching your arm or putting their arm behind your back to walk you forward?
Do they seem attentive and interested in what you are saying? Are they nodding a lot?
Do they make reference to doing something together in the future?
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3 Responses Jul 20, 2010

Are you for real? If so then this cute boy at my school likes me then.... :)..... bringingsexyback what do I do? I'm super duper shy and if I try to talk to him I can't even speak I just grab my hair and cover my face

Great non-verbal signals

True, true... a good friend ‘should’ do these things as well. So, Lefty, that is the billion-dollar question. These are definitely indicators he’s into you, but is he into your brain, your bush or both (hopefully).<br />
<br />
I guess it depends where you are, but heavy touching, closeness are the easiest signs to decipher, and whispering in ones ear seems to be synonymous with “do me like they do on the discovery channel.”<br />
<br />
And to answer your question, yes the whole world is coming on to you, and if you play your cards right I will too, ;-)