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 ok. havent dated in 10 years but after a bad breakup i was ready, so i met this woman online a few months ago,  we talked online for awhile and then decided to go out to dinner. she ran a few minutes late but we had a good time, had a lot in common and laughed the whole time. two hours flew by! sadly she had to leave to go pick up her very young daughter but she said she had fun and wanted to see me again. i of course said yes and was very happy.....this is where it starts to get confusing. she works 2nd shift and i work 1st so we dont have time to see each other except for the weekends but i texted her and she said she had more time to do something this week because of a weak case load. i asked her out weds for ice cream and a walk, something she said she liked to do but she declined becasue she was out of state at her mothers but said how about this weekend.  so this weekend comes around and i asked her to go do something and she said she couldnt because she was helping her friend move, there's a storm and its hard with her daughter there. at this point im thinking she just isnt interested anymore so i sent her a text saying i was disappointed and i kinda felt that she wasnt interested and if thats the case say so, no need to apologize, etc...her reply was she was just really busy and that she really does want to see me again, that she would tell me if she wasnt interested and to please not take it the wrong way.  it seems like she is being genuine, interested, etc but if i dont call/text her then i dont hear from her. sometimes she doesnt respond to my texts or it takes several hours (3-7) to respond, i guess my question is am i overthinking this or is she just blowing smoke at me and isnt really interested and is there anything i can do to peak interest?
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Yes, you either try a bit more and be more really concern about her and somethings which keeps her from responding to your appeals. Or just drop the whole idea about her. Simple as that. But I guess a woman with handfuls (and you mentioned she has a daughter) would be worth giving the benifit. I would love it if a guy like you would more interested with me other than spending time with me. Remember women likes to be pleased, once and a while.

talk to her ask her what is going on but dont accuse her of something. i was on her end a a year ago. sometimes you just get caught up with work friends ......... the list goes on and on but set a date and time a week or so in advance and see where it goes from there.

well she might think that shes gonna do somthin wrong and dosent wanna hurt u i know thts how i was with my ex bf. or maybe shes jus been thru alot and cant trust somebody rite off the bat concidering u did say she has a young daughter maybe the father of the baby abused her or shes not quite over him, from what ive herd i think she likes you but i could be wrong just try not to think of the worst it could be, think positive and maybe she thinks u wont accept the child as ur own so she dosent wanna bother bc i know my child would come before any man so maybe you could try to set up a day were u her and her daughter goes to do somthin together and maybe buy her some flowers and the daughter a lil' toy or sumthing i hope my advice helps you:)

I have a similar experience and have exactly the same questions to myself. I guess it is so easy to over think things when all we are doing is guessing about something that could be wrong.