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I'm currently thirteen years old. I've had floaters since I was 12. it's horrible, mainly because of the fact that I feel so helpless. I've even slipped into depression once because of them. I hate the fact that I will have to continue to live with this for the rest of my life.
I've been constantly anxious, not even able to eat because I'm googling things like glaucoma and retinal detachment.
It scares me, but it also helps me to know that so many people have the same condition as me. I also keep in mind how wonderful the human brain is, and how maybe I'll be able to just ignore them one day. :)

P.S. Does anyone with floaters continue to play instruments? I don't wanna give up my violin.
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Sorry you have floaters. It's really hard, I know. <3 HUGS

If you or someone you know is experiencing Eye floaters = Vitreous Floater, regardless of their age or initial cause, and is seeking a cure/procedure please join us and sign this petition. Help us sharing the word by sharing the link. Thank you.<br />
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I play guitar, among many others, but specific to this situation, we'll talk about guitar.<br />
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I was playing for a choral concert at a church that was not my own. It was my church's choir, and we were making our rounds to the churches in the neighborhood. I was playing, and suddenly my floaters were really bad, and some of them looked blue. They were covering up the music that I was trying to play. I started feeling light headed and as soon as the song was over, I took a breather.<br />
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I'm not diabetic, but everyone thought I had low blood sugar or something. Floaters are a pain, sometimes I can forget about them, but in that one situation, it was IMPOSSIBLE. <br />
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Don't give up something that you love, just learn to love it in a different manner if need be.