Since I Was 12...

I've had floaters since I was 12. I am nearly 52. I kept it a secret until I was 16...and was very frightened and thought I would go blind. I went to the ophthalmologist and my eyes were examined and the doctor said there was nothing wrong with my eyes, that many people have floaters - they usually appear in older people. There was nothing I should worry about.

I can never say I have gotten used to them. I have all the shapes and types...translucent jellyfish, amoeba shapes, perfect circles and dark gray globs, cobwebs and long translucent strands...that move around and change shape. It's like I'm carrying around these creatures with me. They drive me crazy, especially when I am driving and when I am at the computer (both situations occur frequently these days).

Outside, at night, that is my bliss! No floaters (just kind of halos around the street lamps - but, I've always sort of had that too.) My vision is fairly good for my age...I wear reading glasses, and can still drive without glasses, but I do have bifocals and they help me see clearer when I drive, but I do not really need them for distance.

The problem is that I have never gotten used to these annoying shapes. I squint at them all the time to see the various stringy, cobweb, globby shapes. It is so distracting and two large shapes in my right eye are always in my center of vision.

Does anyone know about a darkened screen you can get to cover your computer monitor? I think that would help.

Probably patterned wallpaper indoors would also help instead of these white walls. I know the beige curtains, allowing in the morning light, provide a perfect screen to see all these floaters. I need to buy dark curtains.

I have searched the Web and realize that a lot of people have floaters. I think it is a bit about perception. If you are the kind of person who notices details, a bit obsessed, and sometimes anxious...they aren't something you get used to. But, I am so grateful I can see...and the beautiful night sky is my friend. : )

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Hello I am the same have had them for decades and they have gotten worse. Also nearsighted. I like what you said about how they seem to change shapes and all .

To whomever thanked me for this story...I'm glad it could be of help to you.

I know how you feel. I have floaters that are really annoying at times too. You might ask an optometrist about a Vitrectomy, which is a procedure to remove floaters. It is a risky procedure, and doctors don't like to do it unless a person has severe floaters.

If you or someone you know is experiencing Eye floaters = Vitreous Floater, regardless of their age or initial cause, and is seeking a cure/procedure please join us and sign this petition. Help us sharing the word by sharing the link. Thank you.<br />
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Ive had eye floaters for more than a year now. its started with a dot. my eyes are getting worse & worse. Its making me so depressed. Is there anyone in CAPE TOWN who has eye floaters?

Yesterday I set my monitor to a black screen with white or colored type. It makes a world of difference. I don't see any floaters now on the computer to distract me and strain my eyes!

I just found a great search engine site that has a black background with white letters. It is so much easier on your eyes if you have a lot of floaters!<BR><BR>