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Sunday, a day unlike any other- at least in the life of the Linxer.
I have the great fortune of knowing this 75 year old woman who is nothing short of a firecracker. When she was younger she joined the military and started to jump out of planes. At some point she found herself in Africa where there was no jump sites so she learnt how to fly planes. At some point when she came back to Canada she ended up buying a little plane and has been flying that sucker around since... Still at 75 she has more energy than anyone I know who is my age.

At 9am Sunday morning I received a call from her and in her peppy way she announced that she wanted to go flying and how much she would like it if I came along. I agreed.

Everything seemed to have lined up perfectly that day: The subway getting there just in time for us to take the shuttle bus over to the ferry, the ferry was there just as we got off the shuttle bus. Turns out that my friend (we will call her Jay) knows the ferry driver so the driver dragged Jay and myself to the front of the boat, to the restricted area, and showed us how to drive the ferry. Here I was thinking that would be the highlight of the whole trip. Wrong.

I won't explain the whole lead up to getting in the air so to make the long story short we checked the integrity of the plane before strapping in and it is up we go. Before I go any further, she owns one of those 4 seater planes- something like the group image but the wings are on the bottom and not the top.

When up there we flew around Toronto and headed East towards Oshawa. At one point she took her hands off the wheel and told me to steer the sucker. This may have quite possibly have been the best thing to have happened in a long time! I flew the plane towards Oshawa, having no idea what it was that I was really doing. Jay instructed that I should play around with the controls- go up and down, turn the plane around and what have you. All I have to say is 'Freaking Awesome!'

We head back to the big city and come in for a landing, just as we start landing we hear that we are the last plane to come in for the moment because F-18s were to be flying over head. I think they were in the area for the Toronto Indie race. Anyways... we land and just as we pull open the plane hatch the jets zip by over head at 500ft.

The air field was lined with pilots with the walkies on listing to the F-18s chatting to each other. Jay and I join the other pilots and watch for the jets to make a second pass before we headed in for a coffee.

It truly was an adventurous day where the awesome starts seemed to have just lined up perfectly. In the end I learnt how to drive a ferry, went flying, got to fly the plane, watched F-18s rocket by and had fantastic chats.

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3 Responses Jul 20, 2010

Thanks Ambivilent- she didn't get around to telling me that one but I'll be sure to tell her next time I see her. :)

Great story about a Fun filled day! Did your elderly pilot every tell you this one....> "There are old pilots and there are bold pilots, but there are no old bold pilots" Lol.....My pilot friend told me that years ago........Peace

You really need to be careful. The fun police may be on to you. You had absolutely too much fun for one day!