A Pleasant Thing That Just 'is'...

I don't think much more needs to be said. It's such an amazing time when you're becoming a couple, discovering so many new things about eachother (and yourself). Feeling things for the first time, living life in a haze of care and affection. Creating so many strong memories, so fast, that stay with you even when life together becomes the norm and days not quite as memorable years later. Don't know what it all means, but I do like all the memories, as well as what we have today.

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Hi Flower. Now that, I'd completely agree with :-)

Yes I hear you Ro, although I do believe all relationships are "sacred" in their own way, especially when we have the ability to see the humanness in each other and allow another to be as they are without trying to change them, that is true love to me. Peace.

Amy - yes, and in many different ways :-) although I don't know whether I'm up for a sacred relationship Flower. Even just the secular one we have suits me fine.

love is beautiful i see.. :)

Thank you Lord and Ro. I just came across this beautiful video on Sacred Relationships on my Facebook feed and it sums it up pretty perfectly and the mantra sung to it is lovely too. Enjoy!<br />
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NB I think we've happened on the secret for surviving this human relationship!!! I wouldn't want to try it on anyone else's. <br />
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FlowerofLife, there is certainly a bliss to the long-term aspect of a relationship but it's a different sort of bliss; nice to be able to celebrate both. Congratulations on your 10 years approaching too :-)<br />
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LV I hope that you have a few loving stories to share yourself. If not now, you may have to create some.

Such a beautiful story,<br />
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wish you many years together and many more loving stories like this to share

The beginning bliss of relationship is lovely and I hold those years fondly in my heart and memories but I cannot say enough about the bliss of the long term commitment to marriage. Overcoming struggles, weaknesses and differences, growing apart and back together, taking the journey seriously and not taking the easy road out when times get tough. Letting go of expectations and accepting and loving the humanness of each other. Allowing each other to be just as they are, without trying to change them. Loving and being at peace with all that is, realizing that there is a higher purpose to your being together, seeing God in each other's eyes and knowing that no matter what life throws your way, you will face it together and come out stronger and more in love than before. Celebrating more than 10 years of togetherness this May!

Beginning a new relationship is a great feeling, made even better if it lasts a lifetime. It seems you guys have found the secret to surviving the ebb and flow of human relationships. Hold on and enjoy the ride.

Thanks dex. It's definitely a time when faults are both hidden and overlooked, no doubt! I don't think human relationships would 'stick' if it wasn't for a bit of illusion here and there. Whatever the biological basis, it's nice to recall the effects. I do think being able to remember the positives helps you deal with the negatives when they come along.<br />
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Perhaps if you're starting a relationship, knowing that, you wouldn't deny yourself any of the pleasures of the time.<br />
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Poetic, Jo!

Hand in hand you walk untroubled, a trip undisturbed down memory lane. Let those sweet, tender moments always remain.

Great story, Roj. Those early days are perhaps so vividly recalled as blissful as that is a time when we are still projecting the better sides of ourselves for our Desired One to see, and still blinded -perhaps by those hormones mentioned earlier- to their human faults. I guess it's when those things start wearing off and we find our partner's feet are made of clay after all, that the true test begins.<br />
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Perhaps by reliving those days of initial attraction we can revive and reinvigorate our relationships.

Thanks craic! Perhaps remembering what attracted you is fairly important?

Mmmm Ms Lilly reminds me "Like he was floating on air..." http://rojblake.blogs.experienceproject.com/194466.html

Must be. Will have to keep the hormones up!

So, that's why you have such a good memory ;)

Every now and again the good ol' hormones rampage the system and more memories get locked away....

Interesting you should say that WG. Must have been a torrent of hormones through me from 12 through to some time in the 30s ;-)

I'm rather into the love affair that lasts a lifetime too :-) Surely we can have our cake and eat it too???

It's a funny thing to say but I think our hormones have a lot to do with our tendencies to remember particular events in our relationship. When I think about all the memories I carry with me...many of them also times when my hormones were running a riot through my body....