Mom Was Right

My mom always told me that I was allergic to milk. She said I was on soy formula when I was a baby. She blamed my bad attitude as a teenager on my allergy to milk. I just knew she was nuts, because when you were allergic to something, you either sneezed a lot or you got a rash. So of course I ate lots of ice cream, yogurt, milk on cereal, sour cream, butter-pretty much all dairy except cheese, which I never liked. I did eat mozzarella on pizza or lasagna, though.

Well, years later, I performed an experiment without realizing it. The first holiday season that Mom was in the nursing home, I was depressed. With no one to feed at home but myself, I was a regular at various drive-throughs, for about a month. Then when it was time to celebrate another birthday, I stopped at Baskin Robbins on the way to the nursing home. It was ok that Mom didn't know what day it was. The important thing was that we were together, and we had hot fudge sundaes with jamocha almond fudge ice cream. I also treated my preschool class to their choice of chocolate, vanilla or strawberry ice cream. Those three cartons lasted me through the week , and I began to realize two things: First, my guts weren't happy. Secondly, I couldn't hear very well.

Those were problems that I ignored as best I could for years, never knowing what to attribute them to. About four years after realizing that dairy is not my friend, I finally had an allergy test. Found out I had some allergies to things I would never have expected. My biggest reaction was to dairy. It took me more than 40 years to accept that Mom was right.
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You don't sneeze a lot if you have a food allergy you sneeze if you are allergic to pollen, trees or grass.

What kind of allergy test did u have done

It was a scratch test at the allergist's office. Glad I had it done.

yeah, I spent some time grieving-seriously, for so many foods I had to give up. I'm more accepting of my situation now, and I have some dear friends who are willing to go the extra mile for me.

Mmmmm, jamocha almond fudge ice cream, I haven't had that in years. <br />
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Its tough to have allergies, you have to alter you life & its always irritating to other people that they have to make adjustments just for you. <br />
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Thank goodness I'm not allergic to dairy, that would be so difficult to give up, I, unlike you, LOVE cheese. That would be hardest to leave alone for me. That & my new favorite, Yogiberry yogurt. Its hard to give up foods that are delicious!