1. Egg Yolk  (Sight and Taste)

  2. Powdered Cheese  (Taste)

  3. Dorritos  (Smell and Taste)

  4. Funyuns  (Taste)

  5. Double Chocolate Swiss Cake Rolls  (Sight and Taste)

  6. Banana Bread  (Taste)

  7. Oatmeal  (Taste)

  8. Popcorn  (Smell and Taste)

  9. Pancakes  (Smell and Taste)

  10. Chewing Gum  (Sight and Taste)

  11. Garlic  (Smell and Taste)

  12. Sour Cream and Onion Chips  (Taste)

  13. Cheddar Chips  (Taste)

I'm not sure if this is what the group is talking about, but I can't eat the foods above without getting an upset stomach and the sight/smell of some of them making me want to hurl.  Hot Dog breath makes me nauseous as well.  What really sucks is that I really like oatmeal; also, my parents have this sick, twisted pleasure in making Hamburger Helper all the time, which contains powdered cheese.  The least they could do when I come home for a visit is make something good, but no, they wait until I leave to do that.  Ha ha, I guess that's pretty smart though: more for them.

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2 Responses Mar 12, 2010

I just tell them that it makes my tummy feel icky or that I think the smell or sight is disgusting and they shut-up then. We don't make a big deal of it, except I made a friend of mine eat her Doritos outside of my room

when you have food intolerances it gets hard when you are eating with other people who don't understand that some foods make you unwell. I've been told that "it's all in my mind". Well no, actually it's in my digestive system and I can't digest certain foods. It's the usual story; if they can't experience it, they've no idea what it is like.