I Dont Remember Eating That !!!

I am going to share a story,

that sent shivers down my spine.

It happened a while ago,

was pretty drunk at the time.

So there i was drinking wine,

& from a cask no less,

my sister always said to me,

" it pays to buy the best ".

Oh why did i not listen ?

oh the stubborn streak in me,

that if your going to drink alot,

then what will be, will be.

We all had a lovely dinner,

Of fish & pasta stu,

everyone was so happy,

until they had to spu,

Why only one toilet ?

So many people sick,

should have had more toilet rolls

it would have helped a bit !

So there at the party,

and everybody sick,

with no toilet paper,

and lots of chunky bits.

Everybody moaning,

even the family cat,

i thought to myself,

I don't remember eating that !

by Ci9


caroli9 caroli9
41-45, F
1 Response Feb 5, 2007

you are one clever chickie!! Thanks for that.