Just got home from a wedding and made me so thankful I'm not married! Hehe I love being naughty too much but there was some men I would of loved to have some fun with in the bathroom ;)
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You share this with Kevin Bacon - https://youtu.be/DibCcpu9fHA

Why didn't you.

I would love to have some naughty fun with you

I love this and have acted on it,I deff recomend it lol

So what fun did you have at a wedding.

Just fun

Always good to have some fun at a wedding. Even if you get some numbers and some hook ups

Why didn't you?

Mmmh... with married men its even more of a thrill :)

Love that look in your eyes lol

Wish I was one of the guest at the wedding so I could have stolen you away for some special one on one celebrating ;-)

I loved your interest in being a naughty babysitter..would love to hear more on that.

hummmmm :D

done that in a coat room at a banquet hall...hot!

what was the event that was being host in that hall

her son's wedding reception

Wouldn't she have been missed at the wedding.

have you ever been to an indian wedding...? it's chaos once the dancing starts

True to that. But wouldn't her hubby have missed her as well. Must have been a wild time in the coat room

it was a quicky but it certainly was wild...i'll pm the details

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Getting married doesn't mean you have to stop having fun! You just need to find a guy who's looking for a hotwife! I finally found my hotwife, and we;re engaged to be married...and she has promised to remain NON-monogamous for the rest our our days!


what held you back?...nothing like sex at a wedding..id love to tell you about the fun I had w my stepmom and my dad at my nieces wedding back in November....

Sounds like a good story. So what happened at your nieces wedding with your family

Hopefully, you have that story written here for us to read....?

Lovely eyes, exquisite eyebrows.

I wonder why you didn't?

wedding $ex...so much fun

Gorgeous eyes and such beautiful lips! id love to have some fun with you ! mmmmm

Bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, hall closet...all you have to do is pick one! ;)

So have any forbidden thought about any of the men at the wedding party. Who saids the fun has to be in the bathroom. Have it any where you damn well please

Very true. I need to stop being so shy then! Lol

Thats right. But i don't think the bride would have been to happy. If you had taken her groom. Away for some private time. ;)

weddings are such a turn on...i'm not sure why?!

so the real question is, being not married and unconstrained.. what kept you from the fun ? ;)

That's awesome :)

I am married and I still have lot of fun with other guys

Wedding sex
Yummy......he he

Well Ally why can't you be married and still enjoy be naughty with other men, you just need to find the right guy who will allow you this pleasure and freedom. You maybe surprised at just how much you love the idea of being a shared wife and enjoy other men as he watches or joins in so you can have the pleasure only 2 men can bring you. :-)

Funny, when I come home from a wedding, usually with a ****, I think the same thing