Too Much Pain To Bare.

I am a 49 year old married man with two young sons. I was diagnosed with Forestiers Disease about 5 years ago after suffering with back pfor many years previously. I now have pain in my feet and shoulder and am on maximum dose morphine, both slow release and liquid along with Pregabalen, paracetamol Ibuprofen and Fluoxetine. Every day I am in a great deal of pain even with all these drugs and I am totally fed up. The doctor has given up on me it seems, and I feel like I am just left alone to just get on with it. Alone being the operative word for it seems nobody knows what it feels like to be stuck in this crappy body.
Nicbous Nicbous
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1 Response May 15, 2012

You need an orthopedist, or at least a family physician with a reputable caring background. I too suffered for years, starting with scoliosis, osteoarthritis, DDD and DIS/Forestier's Disease, to mention a few... all depending on your doctor and your tolerance to medications, over the counter, try SalonPas (a box of 40 can be found at WalMart for $4), Absorbene Junior liquid is a topical analygesic used with arthritis... also inexpensive.... try floating in a pool and stretching the back muscles, mild resistance provided by the water helps to maintain strength in the muscles without irritating the areas in the back that could be involved... this is what I do, along with the medication. I hope these help you some...

Thanks for your reply, I live in the U.K. and we don't have the medication that you mentioned, (actually, I have just done a search for SalonPas and have found that I can get them on Amazon,).
I actually think that a lot of my pain comes from stress, my children are not the easiest and I need to relax more, I have found self hypnosis mp3's help.
Have you ever had any dizzyness? I am recently finding this happening and wonder if it is related to the disease or the drugs.