Foster Sisters And Brother

IN the mid 1960's  I was adopted to the Sumners, and for a short time I had two foster sisters and a foster brother.  As years past I lost track of them, their names were Becky and Shirloey and Larry Lawson.  I am not sure if they were adopted out but would love to see them again.  My life with my adopted paretns was great, until I was 11 years old and my mother was killed.  My adopted borther Carlton was by my side when we found our mother dead moments after she was shot.  At the age of 16  I was put back into the foster care system once more by my adoptive father because I could not get along with the woman he married after my mother died.  At the age of 17 I found my natural mother who introduced me to my biological father and brother who was also adopted out to a family with the last name Short, they were very nice.  Even though my natural family nor my adoptive family has ever kept in touch with me I did for a very long time, but now I have a family of my own  and thats all I need.  Life has thrown me many curves but with gods help I have made that curvy road straight.  My life has not been boring and I choose to be better and not bitter as to the things that have happend to me, I now see all of those experiences as a learning one.  I Have been blessed to have many mothers, instead of just one and all of them were beautiful women.


deborah60 deborah60
46-50, F
May 14, 2010