1 Foster Brother And 1 Sister Is Hard

when i was eight i got a foster a brother i am not fostered but i have got one foster brother and one foster sister . At first i was jealous of my foster brother the attention he got and the fact he was coming in and taking my family. i have never from the start got on with my foster brother i dont know what it is he is constantly there and his perscence annoys me. then i got a little sister she is four i am fourteen , i am more mature now everthing was fine and cute at the start , but now her constant tantrums really nark me and get to me . sometimes i just think what itd be like if my family was just me , my parents and my older brother. i know in the long run its all good and its helping their lives , but staying in that frame of mind is very hard.
expressyourself14 expressyourself14
13-15, F
Nov 20, 2011