Too Many Girls

Hey, I am 18 and I have Three Foster sisters currently living with me. The first one, Jane, this is the second time she is living with me and my parents. The second one Chelsea and she is very stand off ish and is just obssessed with african american boys. Jane and Chelsea are both fifteen and are going to High school. Chelsea almost didnt make it to high school, she had to take summer school and she failed only to be put on academic probation. My dad pulled alot of strings. The last one is Sarah, she's tweleve and my parents plan on adopting her. Some days these girls are all nice and sweet and we get along great but on other days we just dislike each other so much that we both say really mean things. My main problem or issue I have is with Chelsea, sometimes it just seems she wakes up and thinks, "Oh, today I am just going to be mean to Jane today." and continues to throw attitude and such at Jane. Chelsea disrespects my parents and me and I have no idea what to do. I just thought maybe I should try here because I think my boyfriend is tired of hearing my problems and I want to ease off him and give him some air. I mean I love them and if someone starts being mean to them I am the older sister and I am quick to defend them and be there for them, but it just seems like to me I am just wasting my time. My parents have been foster parents since I have been fifteen years old. I think I should be used to this by now but I havent. I feel very uncomfortable leaving to join the air force when I know my sisters might just walk over my parents.
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1 Response Aug 18, 2012

Sometimes, when you don't have stable parents, or a stable authority figure, you walk all over it. She might not have any understanding for what respect is, you know? It can be hard to see someone treat your parents badly, so I would say you should speak up when you see it happening. You put this up awhile ago, so let me know how it is now. And how you delt with this for years, I mean I'm going insane!