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Three Of Them

 Before the rupture of divorce and the events that would cleave my family to pieces, my parents took in foster kids. There were many of them but these kids never stayed long while I cannot seem to drag up any memories of them although my sister did end up dating one of them later on lol.

 Anyway there were three foster siblings who came into our home and who branded themselves into my heart. The oldest ones, a set of twins, were only a year older than us while the youngest was my age thus we got along pretty well with each other. And when the divorce happened, we just kept growing stronger, protecting each other's back and being a real family until we were torn apart.

 Fortunately we were able to find each other after so much months of struggle to keep us apart. Amidst the tears of sorrow and regret, we shared the events that happened to each of us: the blessings of birth, the anguish of an abusive household for us, the rejoicing and vague jealousies of a great household for them and the sorrow that just one of them doesn't want to fit back in with us.

 And deep down in each of our hearts is the loathing and disgust that we feel for the adoptive mother who forced us apart. It's a rough tie but they are my "heart" siblings until the end.

Dormantdrakon Dormantdrakon 22-25, F Oct 18, 2009

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