I Do Not Love My Soul Mate, I Love My Mate

i spent many fruitless years searching for my "soul mate"
i wanted to know the sheer bliss of merging with another, who knew my every thought, understood my desires and breathed the same air that i did.
i did find a few "near" soul mates on my journey..and these relationships became destructive,painful and ended...as quickly as their beginings.
i then spent many years alone, having given up on love and all it's mystery.
Then mysteriously, i began to fall in love with my best mate, and he with me...it was a shocking revelation, as he was and is NOT a soul mate...he is just my best friend, with a heart of gold and a big, kind heart.
Sure, we have many shared interest, we love the same music, and he like me, is very musical.
we share the same ridiculous sense of humour, the passion to cook good curries, the joy of drinking a good bottle of white and we both have endured tragedies that many failed to understand.
but we do not live for each other, constantly desire each other(however, we enjoy very tender moments of making love)we do not know each others thoughts or understand each others desires.
he loves soccar, i do not. i love art and poetry, he is somewhat bored by these pursuits, he does not delve into the deeper meaning, i constantly analyze( but i am learning to let go of this...at last!)
what we do share is a common desire to be better people, to be kind and patient, to love ,when it is not always easy, to laugh at our own ridiculous seriousness!
thank god i discovered that the love of my life was sitting next to me...my best mate has become my mate for life...and we are not "soul mates",
as only on our own, do we truly understand our own souls.
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3 Responses Jan 11, 2013

You have found a best friend who may not be your soul mate but is a really good friend to be with, other with some of your interests being totally different. You do share some basic common pleasures.

To me you have described my definition of what a soul mate really is:)

i am so lucky to have found him, thankyou for reading

This may really be what soul mates should be!

thanks chelebub