Sometimes When...

I feel I am distant from the bliss, I also know I am a second away to find it again. I just need to see whom I have in my life and I am blissful.

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13 Responses Sep 11, 2009

i believe your right, it is here.

maybe bliss is what i have been looking for. maybe you and i will find it.

Besides my daughter, you are my bliss princess. Smiles

I found bliss in you!

TendereyesPrincess, you bring bliss to everyone that knows you. I hope you feel bliss knowing many people care about you.<br />

Beautiful thoughts in this thread, thanks for sharing.

thank you jp. yes attachment to my family is what's hardest for me to let go, as i would think I'm leaving them behind...and i have to learn how break through that cycle of suffering that I'm in, but i don't know how to start

well princess it is so nice the way you share your bliss with us.<br />
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I do so appreciate that. Your writings bring smiles and thoughts to so many.

Using your example at the top, I have found it and know what it is!

Non attachment to others is the hardest lesson to learn and one I will always be working on I think ...

That's awesome what you have described to me, only few people in this life will truly be able to experience bliss then.<br />
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I believe then, that it would be very hard for me almost impossible to experience bliss. I'm addicted to this life, it's sorrows it's pain, it's hard to imagine a day without pain, or without feeling i could say. <br />
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I don't you understand what i'm trying to say!

Bliss is defined as a state of extreme happiness.<br />
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I'd say your family would say you bring this to them. Many of us here know your stories and poems do the same for us. Being around you is a wonderful place to be.<br />
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You are wonderful my friend. Never change!

What does bliss feel like?<br />
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I would love to know!