Real Experiences In Real Life.

The world is both big and small. So much distance between us, but with the flick of a key, the tap of a button, the world becomes small again. I have said many times how thankful I am for finding a forum such as this. EP has allowed me to vent. To create. To cry and laugh. And most importantly it has afforded me the ability to make friendships. Real friendships in real life. I count so many women and man whom I met here as real friends. Good friends. Friends that I share meals with. Live experiences with fun and laughter. I so appreciate this gift I was given. This gift of friendship. This summer has been one of the best of my life so far. I've had beach play dates and gone out to dinners. On Saturday I shall be going parasailing. An Epeep will join me in this adventure. And that makes me smile. And count my blessings.
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6 Responses Jul 25, 2011

I agree completely, I have meet some of the best peaple ever here on EP.

I am so with you there GG. EP has been fantastic for me too. I'm so glad we met here too. Hugs!

great post thanks hugs

@ EH. You are a great find. EP has been the vessel for that gift of friendship. And i couldn't be happier! get well soon there friend!

I'm sooooo jealous!! I want in on the parasailing and beach frolicking!<br />
<br />
Yes, EP has been a great find.

Have fun parasailing and post pictures!