I Have Found Life After Wossername

For 26 years, I lived with my partner. I worshipped her. We had three kids together. From 2000 onwards, I suffered a lot of health problems including heart disease, cancer, fractured skull, strangulated hernia, badly broken ankle, diabetes, sleep apnoea and other minor complaints. After secret meetings with her "adviser", which had started in July/August of 2007, she told me she was leaving me in August 2008. She asked me to let her stay at the house for THREE MONTHS! A week after this, I told her that my two boys and I could not suffer the mental torture any more and suggested that she should leave sooner rather than later. Then the award winning actress in her emerged in all it's formerly unseen magnificence as she called the police and started shouting to me to keep away from her and saying that she was scared of me. My two boys and I were sat quietly and incredulously beside each other throughout this whole charade. I called my eldest daughter and she arrived at the same time as the police. As my partner displayed signs of extreme fear of me going near her, my daughter was rightfully concerned that I may have offered violence. She asked if this was case, to which my partner responded "He has raped me THREE times!" My daughter then asked if I had ever hit her or threatened to hit her. She answered "No, he has never laid a hand on me!" Within an hour she was gone, without a second thought for even our two sons aged 14 and 10. She stole belongings from me and has never returned them despite repeated requests. She also misappropriated money that was due to the boys and me, to the tune of approximately £1,000. I did not pursue this matter as I should have done, because it never has been or never will be my intention to hurt her physically or emotionally. She at first visited the house to see the boys whenever it suited her and would ask for items that she liked. I gave them to her without a second thought. Then I started to receive abusive texts and threats of violence both to my eldest daughter and myself from her "adviser" and when my son questioned her about these threats, she laughed in front of the three of us when one was read out. She said that she had suffered "mental cruelty" from me for 26 years. My 14 year old laughed and said "Get real Mum!" at which point she became hysterical and screamed verbal abuse at him and told him how she was keeping "motorcycle gangs" from beating me up! Since that date in October 2008, she has made no attempt to see my boys, who in turn have no desire to see their mother. However, my eldest boy has suffered verbal abuse from her; my youngest son was apparently photographed by her "adviser"; I was verbally abused her "adviser" and a serious attempt was made to get me to fight with him, in the middle of Asda! On the morning of Jan 9th 2009, my business premises were burgled and out of thousands of pounds worth of equipment, the computer with all my artwork on was the only thing that was stolen. I have been subjected to attempted blackmail and other matters still under investigation. She is still up to her tricks and has openly accused me of "poisoning the boys minds' against her." She has kept a court case for access festering for over a year instead of retiring gracefully and ceasing to cause  my boys more mental upset than they could ever deserve. She is merely driving a wedge deeper and deeper. Her statement on why she should have access was 19 pages long and referred to the boys on one page. The rest was vitriolic lies about me! As soon as she was made aware that I could live without her, the rot set in. I have moved on. I met a Chinese girl in December 2008. No romance, but when she returned to Changsha, we started corresponding. As time passed we realised how much we had fallen in love with each other and in September 2009, I went to China to stay with her family for three weeks. Heaven on Earth! We hope to be married by April 2010. Her name is Eva (pronounced with a hard 'E' as in Emma!) and she has made me see how much I have missed with my former partner, who I can now clearly see had dominated and manipulated me for 26 years, because I loved her too much. Still, if anyone takes the time to look into her family history, her actions were not really out of synch, taking her gender and age into consideration! Everybody who knows me will know both Wossername and her "adviser".

This is my future wife Eva with me, in China

RexUK11 RexUK11
66-70, M
Feb 7, 2010