Yes...just when I had accepted that I would live the rest of my life alone, I found love. AND...not JUST love, but that true, deep, unconditional love I had always believed existed, but always THOUGHT I would never experience.

She is an absolute angel...a princess. She shines with a light the likes of which I have never seen. Not only does she possess the physical beauty every man dreams about and wishes for, she is even more beautiful on the inside. She has THE warmest and most beautiful heart I have ever know. Her soul is deep and inviting...alluring...kind and gentle. Her spirit free and crisp...loving and nurturing. Her mind sharp and extremely intelligent...her wit charming and goofy in a way that always brings a smile to me. Her and my soon to be exes think it's an affair...something we will both "get out of our system". Truth is, she and I fall deeper and deeper in love with each passing day. She is the first thought in the morning and the last thought at night...and in between, she is on my mind constantly. Since we met, she has been my ONLY fantasy and my only deisre and THAT is new to me...she is the best and most complete lover I have ever had...and the ONLY person I can envision spending the rest of my life with.

I want her company...her smiles, her tears...I want her good, I want her bad...I want to make her happy and make her smile...I want to be there for her and take care of her when she is feeling sad, ill, less than perfect. I want the exciting with the mundane and boring. I want her...I don't need her. And...newest to me, she doesn't NEED me...she WANTS me...and, I admit, it is "Beauty and the Beast", for she is far out of my league...but she loves me all the same...she is my light...she is my life...and I adore her...she is my best friend...she is my soul mate...she is my princess, she is my angel, she is my baby doll...and I want her and her alone, for the rest of my life...I truly belong to her and I love the feeling.
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1 Response Aug 21, 2014

Beautiful honey- I'm the lucky lady here. We did find each other and pulled me out of drowning water. Your support, your friendship as we started out with , then falling in love and yes, I found my soul mate. You-the most I incredible man that I love with all my heart. You have given me strength, when I was at my lowest and you have given me unconditional love. As I said , I am a very lucky lady - and I love you 💓💓💓

Oh but honey. Frankenstein's gotta go. Lol

Oh sweetheart. Frankenstein has to go honey. Not pretty. We will do a new picture for you. Lol. I love you honey 💕💕.
8 months for us now. Of being with my best friend , soul mate, lover that blows my mind, and just Being.
You. You are my sweet heart 💕💕💕I love you