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Not that I was looking! But when I saw this group, it yelled at me, "Ammy!"
If I had a partner in crime it would be you! I think if we were together we would get into to so much trouble! Good trouble! LOL

I love chatting with you and devising how we will ambush Sun...I think we make a good team and you my friend are an excellent partner in crime!

Thank you for making my time on EP fun and a tad naughty...
Love ya Ammy!
soulrunher soulrunher 41-45, F 4 Responses Feb 12, 2013

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dont get what the sis thing in the comments is bout but i never do

Hi, I adopted a sis a bro and I also have two ep kids....they are my ep family! :)

Cool a ep family never thought of something like that

Cool shout out

Thanks Soul, you made my day, and I couldn't agree with you more! Thanks for the flattering thoughts, and yes, we would make FUN trouble together! ;-)

FUN! LOL...yes, I love having you in my circle! Thanks

I am deeply touched, and I love you too, babe... :-)

Ambush Sun huh?... oh yeah? well...ok nevermind :P
Love ya too Ammy! (and you Soulie) xo

OHhhhh, you read that...yea, we plan things sometimes. LOL it's all in love of course. Hugs

of course:) Hugs back!

Yeah plus it's not like you two have never ambushed me! Lol

Well we try! ; )

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