Love Found Me When I Had Just Given Up Looking..

     I used to cry myself to sleep every nite. I gave up on love and the hope that anyone could really even love me. when I walked in to that class room door I had no ideal that I would be meeting the love of my life. It was love at first site. I asked him for a pen and some paper and the funny thing is that I already had both. I had to do it. I just couldn't leave that day knowing that I said nothing or with out giving him a second look. the good thing is shortly after that we became friends and i started going over his house for some not so small get togethers.

      the next thing I knew it was 2 months down the line and on nov. 1st 2007 he ask me to be his wife. thats right after 2 months of knowing someone he already knew that he wanted to be with me for the rest of our liefs. some people thought that we were crazy, well to tell u the truth I did too. the thought that never crossed my mind was that we weren't meant to be. I will always be in love with him even when we are both long gone from this earth our souls will fly together in heaven, and there will never come a day when I say I give up on us. I'm so young and I have my whole life ahead of me, but I would have nothing less than to grow and to learn and to love with him for the rest of my life.

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2 Responses Feb 22, 2008

think you are truly blessed.

It's a beautiful story. I'm happy that you were lucky enough to find your soul mate. Hope things go well for you both!