My boyfriend Nick and I were just meant to be.
We met almost six years ago by a happenstance. He was dropped off at youth group in our small city and I was dragged there by my friends. We locked eyes and we locked hands and from that day on we never left each other. 5 years has taken us a long way, and to this day I have never had a better friend, mate, lover, or kind heart all mine own. He is the physical and the real, and he is the best. I love him and never want to be away from him, but even distance couldn't rip us apart. We are one soul, experiencing ourselves in the reality we make. He is beautiful inside and out, and I truly hope everyone can find their own love as strong as this.
TheBrokenFox TheBrokenFox
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Inspiring to hear people out there are so happy and lucky . May many others have this too...

I'm so glad for you !! I know the feeling !! Me and my husband has been married 38 yrs!! But I have one question why don't you move close to him or him to you?

Umm I think they're in the same small city