What does it really mean to be soul mates?

I believe I have found him.

We've known each other for years, our paths crossing with the potential for love twice before. But this time was different. We were in a different place, after losing contact while in college. He has found me once again.

Our spirits are intertwined, honest and revealing, strong and supportive, empathetic and loving. He understands me on the deepest level I've experienced. And yet, we are learning and growing individually, knowing ourselves and giving each other the right amount of space and time alone.

When we are together, nothing else matters. We exist together in that moment. There is no need to control it or each other; he allows me to be without restrictions or regulations.

He is strong, wise, intuitive, and deeply caring. Sometimes I feel as if he's reading into my soul and mind, as if he knows what is on my mind or what I am feeling without me having to say it.

We sense each other's emotions and share a vision for the future. He desires for me to be his wife, to commit to me and I to him. We have found each other once more and are seizing this opportunity. I have finally found someone who finds purpose in loving me and making me happy. And I will continue to do the same.
queennaji queennaji
22-25, F
Mar 31, 2015