He's So Perfect!

I love him tons! I love the fact that he can't keep a secret from me. I love the fact that he's so honest with me, I love the fact that he loves me no matter what, I love the fact that we can go to each other for everything, I love the fact that HE'S MY HUSBAND, I love the fact he plays with my girls and is a really GREAT father with them, I love the fact he does my feet and paint my toes :). Sometimes I think I'm a little tooo spoiled but you know things can be alot worse. I'm glad I have him and I feel so bad when I talk badly about him. He doesn't deserve it. I get so mad and just need to vent. Just like how he gets mad at me he just doesn't make it public. I need to talk to someone about it unlike him. I'm just so glad he's my husband! 

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Makes alot of sense. Thank you m2bf and sf. :)

It would be great if there weren't any horrible things ... but that's a bit idealistic.<br />
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The greatness of long time love is all the horrible things that the 2 of you have swept away under the carpet. When you find that you've quit peeking under the carpet every time you get angry about something, you know you have a soul mate.

It's like sometimes you don't ever realize it until a "friend" stabs you in the back. I'm thankful for the fact that he tells me everything. I'm glad we are that close! I don't know how I can get mad at him again. I feel awful for the things in the past but I can't dwell on it. I won't get anywhere in life.

Fantastic for you. It is wonderful to be married 2 your best friend!!!!!! May you have a long and satisfying marriage!