Life With A Divine Counterpart

I met my twin after a 180 degree redirection in a town where I knew no one. My twin was the first person I met in the town. God said to me at that moment, "This is the woman you came here to marry." When God talks, I listen. I planned out my dating first-contact strategy carefully. 

After a year of playing footsie, I finally got her to go out with me to coffee. We were entranced with each other from the start. It was our shared vulnerability that did it for both of us—we got a clear picture of each other from the get-go. My empathy Warp factor was at 9.975, as was hers. We ended up spending the night together after coffee and then dessert at the local fancy Italian restaurant in town.

Then we went through 7 years of hell. I was the runner from the start, and she was the stayer. I couldn't do anything to shake her, and deep down, I was glad that she put up with the abuse.

She developed a broken heart, quite literally, partly because of the abuse she took, not wanting to be torn from her twin—partly from a congenital heart defect. She had congestive heart failure and suffered several heart attacks, one at home where she had to be defibrillated back to life.

On Dec 3 2008, I lost my job, but not before I took short-term disability in Oct 2008 for some anxiety issues I was having due to a hostile work environment. So I received a monthly stipend from my former employer's insurance company until about Mar 2010, This is how we financed our life together while I recovered from my anxiety issues.

On Nov 18 2009, three days after her heart surgery, I had the most important spiritual experience of my life to date. My wife made me come clean about everything I had done to hurt her in every way possible. I did it—painfully—full well knowing it could mean the end of our marriage, but I did it anyway, knowing it might be the thing that would save it.

Then we did a Tarot reading. I did mine, and my top card was The Emperor, and had major arcana, all right-side up. She did hers, and her top card was the Empress—and all of her other cards were the counterpart cards to the ones I drew. We looked at each other with astonishment, because the Tarot was telling us we were exact complements of the other. 

We became frightened, and read from A Course In Miracles. I anticipated every verse somehow, verbalizing it to my wife before we had read it in the book. One of the lessons we learned that night was that love was the only thing that was real, that nothing unreal existed, and that fear was unreal. We kept oscillating between love and fear until we were firmly grounded in love.

Somehow I seemed to fade into a spirit world, where five guides, who were like compassionate but no-nonsense nurses, told me they were going to put me through a spiritual rehab process. The conditions were if I was as forthright with them as I was with my twin, and if i could keep up with the course, they would heal my spiritual wounds and I could continue in the relationship. The consequence for failure was dissolution into nothingness and a much longer and arduous rehab in a lower density. I intuitively knew I had to succeed at this or be relegated to Purgatory for many, many years before being allowed to have another shot at being reincarnated.

The rehab process was like therapy on God's own terms. It was rapid-fire, hit every one of my weak spots, but taught me who I was, the cognitive dissonance I was having that caused me to be abusive, and that I could now correct my own mistakes at will.

As the lessons progressed toward their natural conclusion, I could feel my vibration increase rapidly each second. I was told I would soon experience infinity when the lessons were completed. When infinity arrived, it was literally like time stood still, like a photon traveling at the speed of light with a stopped clock and no mass. I tried to push the lessons further, but it was futile. My words sounded hollow and false. But i quickly adapted to eternity, because . . .

I was taken to see my wife in the spirit world. She was physically asleep, but her essence was in the spirit world with me. We embraced, holding each other in each other's arms. I asked her, Are you really my partner? She said, Yes, silly, didn't you know that? I responded that I hadn't been sure. I asked what I could do for her, believing her to be a superior being to me. (She's actually a lot like an older sister in the way we relate.) She said that all we needed to was to take care of each other forever, and that my mind would provide her with endless entertainment. 

Then she asked me how I was going to get back to my body. I didn't know, but I said she could call my name loudly and rub my hematite grounding rock I wore around my neck and I would come back. Suddenly I felt a rush back to roughly where my body was, but it took me a while to find it. When I awoke from my visit, I was somehow in bed. But I didn't know who I was, because somehow I got stuck in endless infinities in my mind that I couldn't shake. When they dissipated and I gathered myself together finally, I said loudly, What's my name? She called it out firmly and kindly. Then I remembered who I was. I said to her, "I've been cured of the abusive behavior." She said, "I know. I was there."

That was the real beginning of our twin soul relationship and our spiritual path.

My wife did some research and found out about the twin soul notion. It was obvious that that's what we were after all. So we took care of each other and embarked on a spiritual path together. 

We did tons of research on other twin souls and found they had had similar experiences to ours—very rough in the beginning but evening out toward the middle, where they also embarked on spiritual work together. We found an excellent web site on twin souls run by a Dutch man named Ian, with whom we developed an instant rapport. 

We also engaged two of the most venerable twin souls on the Internet, Mel and Nicole. Mel channels his higher self, named John, and we scheduled a channeling over Skype, since they lived on the other coast. It was amazing. He zeroed in on all the things we were doing right, all the things we needed to fix, and told us to expect a major download of information and other resources.

Sure enough, we both had splitting headaches from the spiritual download that occurred immediately after the channeling. Rachel developed an urge to do as much research as possible, and I gained spiritual gifts—a token that represented the twin soul identity to others who might look for that for identification. I also received some amazing healing powers, and a mercaba spinning around my heart that indicated my heart chakra had opened.

The primary means we decided to communicate with the outside world was to start a blog. Being a tech guy, I set up the DNS records and pointed them at our blog. I started it in Mar 2010 but my twin joined in in April. We named it after our Indigo natures. Now every major twin soul couple on the Internet reads our blog—and our mothers, too, which is a little embarrassing. On the blog, we discuss our fears in the relationship, our spiritual gifts, the nature of twin soul heart energy exchange. Plus my wife continued to bring me tidbits of information she had found on the Web about spirituality and twin souls.

But my disability checks stopped coming—we soon ran out of money and found ourselves deprived of everything—not just Belgian ale, cable TV, and Internet access, but food, medicine, electricity. We received a little help from each of our parents, but they were in no position to help much themselves. This set us against each other in irritation and fear of scarcity. 

But suddenly a large chunk of money appeared in my personal bank account. We were saved! One of the first things that happened was we ran into a man who sold fish and beef in bulk. He was willing to part with a case of assorted flash-frozen fish at cost, in the low $200s, when it would have cost us $450 on his web site. Later, we picked up some beef at cost, too. I'm talking, really good food here. We're living it up!. We now have a freezer of plenty, whereas before it was filled with empty ice cube trays.

Lately my twin is into sacred geometry, and she bought us both mercaba crystals made of quartz, the highest vibrational crystal available, which represent our personal mercabas that spin around our heart chakras, as well as our twin soul nature. Mine is charged with feminine energy, and hers with masculine, in order to balance each gender quality out.

Do we like being twin souls? My twin said the other day, it was like God had assigned us to each other, and she felt a little resentful about that, especially when she thought I didn't find her attractive enough for me. (Utter nonsense, but she believes that that's how i felt due to an abusive conversation we had early in our relationship.) She suggested that perhaps I needed to go back to my ex-wife, who was a near-twin/soulmate, but I told her I was going to stick with her until one of us died, that I loved her so much I would never leave her.

I secretly hope I will die first, because I don't know how I would deal with her loss. Maybe she feels the same way. I haven't asked her. All I know is that if I lost her to divorce or an untimely death, I would never really recover, and although I might date from time to time, no one would hold a candle to her. It's as if we read each others' minds, that we are highly empathetic to each other, that we could finish each other's sentences.

We still have a ways to go before we're ready to take on the world. I have some ego issues to deal with, and me and my twin have some abandonment issues to work out. But each day, we become stronger spiritually and more authoritative and vulnerable on our blog, and we think it's good for people to have that resource that we created.

Would I recommend a twin soul experience to another? Well, only if you are willing to have your life twisted into a pretzel to meet your twin soul, and suffer through the lessons of life together in a harsh way. You see, twins have the same strengths and weaknesses—what brings you down brings your twin down, and vice versa. So one of you must be willing to stand up for the other and be strong in the face of adversity, and vice versa. That means whatever your weaknesses are, they will be amplified 100-fold, and until you gain your footing, you will both suffer, sometimes for 20 years, we've found out from other twins.

But when it works, it really works. My heart is open now when I lived in my head before. We exchange heart energy, and we are going to study sacred sex and practice it once we have the concepts down. My twin has healed from her heart failure—she's out of the woods for now—and I'm going to keep cleaning up her internal energy blockages with my new healing ability until/unless she needs more surgery.

So if you have a 180 degree intervention and meet your twin, go for it. But remember, it's got to be a 180 degree intervention where your life gets twisted into a pretzel, as I said before, before you meet your twin. But if you have one of these, your twin will manifest him/herself soon. And the good news is that when you meet, you are already prepared for the twin soul concept. However, if you go around looking for your twin soul, you will not find that person, because God is the only one who brings twins together.

Count yourself lucky if you incarnate at the same time. We are among the first new batch of twins who have found each other incarnate through an intervention, and that was in Apr 2000—over ten years ago, now that it's Mar 2010. Most twins do not incarnate at the same time. But the other will watch over the incarnate twin with their shared higher self, and will provide guidance and protection to their incarnated twin.

Let me dispel any illusions about twin souls—it's not easy, but it's worth it to be with your twin. If it's easy, you've met a soulmate, which isn't so bad, but that person is not your twin. 

Please don't walk around the coffee shops and bars and twin soul dating sites looking for your twin. Let God bring your twin to you if you have one. That is the best advice I can give to those seeking their twins.

Go with God!

Love, DadaGuerilla.

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2 Responses May 11, 2010

"It was our shared vulnerability that did it for both of us—we got a clear picture of each other from the get-go".....omg nice story. Thanks for the details. I am learning from your story, as God has revealed to me in a number of ways, (and my lifes recent circumstances and events are proof), that I will meet my twin soon and want to be prepared in advance. What a beautiful and well-told story! "However, if you go around looking for your twin soul, you will not find that person, because God is the only one who brings twins together."

Thanks for sharing this as I think many dont understand the connection twin flames experience and become aware of after meeting. Like you my twin chooses to run the majority of time but as he sleeps soundly I meditate to the violet flame and share my energies with him. I am patient and always present myself to him no matter what he says or does to harm me. I can only hope I am doing the right thing...