Mr. November And #5--fate Is Real.

Back in September of 2009 I was walking downtown with friend looking at all the booths for Harbor Days. There was a lovely red-haired psychic offering psychic readings, $1 per minute. I gave her a $20 just for the heck of it, and I asked about my love life. This is what she said: "In November you will meet someone. He will be about 6'3", 4-5 years older than you, and he'll start with the initial "M". A strong name, like Matthew. The minute you meet him, you'll know." I kept this in the back of my mind as I went about my life. Not really thinking twice about it.

Then came November 14, and there he was at my work. 6'3". 26 (I was 22 at the time, but he turned 27 exactly 1 month after that, so there's the 4-5 years older than me part), and his name was Matt. Short for Matthew. We shook hands, and I knew. I couldn't believe it.

I didn't understand why he didn't ask me out after a month of hanging out, but then I got to know him better on his birthday, Dec. 14, when we shared time together at work. I saw that he was not as highly evolved--he admitted was struggling, not sure who he was, depressed, etc. I was sad, because I knew we weren't supposed to start a relationship then.

However, I found this very strange: he remembered seeing me on the bus, and coming to the work place before I had started my internship there. "I just remembered seeing you on the bus back in the spring; you have a distict voice, and a pretty face, and you looked so passionate about what you were talking about." We didn't see each other at the work place until November because in August--right when I got there--he left to go traveling. We had to meet up at the same time.

I went back to the psychic at her office and asked her why we weren't able to have a relationship like she had predicted. She explained that we were supposed to meet, but right now he's too damaged. He is on his own life journey, and I am on mine--I can't project onto him. I need to work on myself.

In the meantime I decided to at least develop a friendship with him, and I have no regrets of this. Despite his flaws, he is a wonderful person, and I have faith that he will grow into his potential on his own. One night he invited me to his house and I showed him the movie "V for Vendetta" knowing it would appeal to our mutual interests, and he later realized a pattern in his own life: Nov. 5th was a significant date to his life as well.

I began doing research on numerology and found out that in fact we share the meaning of the numbers 5 and 14 (which is also a five, because 1 + 4). I went a little crazy, writing down over 2 pages front and back full of all the numerical sychronicities we share with the number 5; phone numbers, meaningful dates (includine Nov 14 and Dec 14) , birthdates, names, astrology, a bible quote by Matthew 23: 27 that's in our house, a baby picture of me that's been on our fridge forever that had the date Nov 5 etc. you name it. It was creepy. Even the year 2012 adds up to a 5.

The psychic confirmed that we were indeed "twin flames" that this was going to come back around when the time was right.

I love this person, and I am excited for what the future holds, knowing that we can never really know for sure. I have faith that things will turn out the way they're supposed to, and I wanted to share this story with others. You need to believe in love. You need to believe that things will work themselves out.

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1 Response Nov 8, 2010

2 years of waiting for Matt, I realized I was really connected to a Mr Emotionally Unavailable, like many other women. Matt turned out to be very disrespectful to me, very rude to other people, very self-centered, is not trying to better himself. And when I told him how I felt, he was totally rude and insensitive and blew me off. I deleted his number, changed my phone number, blocked him on gmail, etc. and now he's trying to talk to me and spend time with me, saying he's thinking about me, simply because I don't want him anymore. And I put him in his place, taking my power back while still being gentle and kind. I have no regrets about this, but I deeply regret waiting around for someone instead of living my own life. So much time wasted on someone who didn't deserve it.<br />
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Just thought I'd update you on the situation, because I know I've learned several important lessons: 1.) Take EVERYTHING at face value. Don't waste your time analyzing what he meant when he said this, did that, etc. because it's time being wasted.<br />
2.) Don't wait around for anyone, or try to force a relationship that clearly can't work. <br />
3.) Set your standards high, and only date people who make the cut. That means no more half-way projects, people with "potential", people who need you for an ego boost or emotional support.<br />
4.) It's not your fault, don't blame yourself. <br />
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Also, I made the decision to love myself first. I lost 30lbs, cleared up my skin, I exercise everyday and eat healthy and have wonderful friends, I travel, I take care of myself...and I originally did this because I wanted to be at my very best when Matt and I finally get together...but now I don't want him. And I realized the only person I deserved to change for was me. I deserve to be at my best, for me. <br />
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Loving me, I'm single, and I'm okay with it. And someday, I may end up with a really great person, but for now I'm going to live my life. <br />
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xoxox best wishes

I went through a similar experience like yours. Things ended badly and pray hard and often never to see him again. 4 years later he is back in my life and the love I have for him is still there.We have reconnected and it is obvious tyat he has grown a lot. I had someone do a tarot reading before us finding each other again, when it wasn't even a thought and the reading showed me in a stable and joyous relationship. He is the man I've always dreamed of.