Before I post my story I need to ask this one question and get some responses. Have any of you had a past life experience with your twin soul flame?
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It's interesting for sure. If your twin is living on this physical plane~ you most likely have had many lifetimes together working out "your stuff" together. Most souls chose to reincarnate together each lifetime, taking turns being everything to one another during different lifetimes (son, daughters, mothers, fathers, lovers) to work out whatever lessons were agreed up prior to birth. My twin and I had many, many together~ and I have done a lot of healing on them. I know that in a lot of ways when I heal me~ I help him too. He will have his work to do on his own too~ but it helps the union mend. Hope that helps~ happy to chat more..:-)

Too many to count. And I have had a lot of past lives with his biological family~ we have had a lot of karma to work out. I keep doing to the work~ knowing eventually it will bring us together.....

wow I would love to hear more about it positivemamma. Pm me or do it on here if youd like. Im game for either way

Yes, I think we have some life experiences with the twin flame. From what I heard, we don't have many, but later after our soul(s) have grown, we have more lives with them.

I agree. With everything you said. Ive found recently that when the souls that are what started as one are not at the same level for whatever reason, it causes something far worse than the pain that stems from losing a loved one in any way shape or form.

Yes, I have. I still don't know how much more to say about this, but the answer is definitely a resounding yes. I'd be interested in hearing more about yours, if/when sharing feels right.

really? were they scary, any of them