The Twin Angel Lifts Up Her Eyes And Her Hopes

As I write this, a fire burns within to shorten the distance between my love, my flame, my essence other half. I need to be near him to share our thoughts, scents, visions, laughter, the ups and downs of the daily grind... because he breathes life and energy with every breath I take. I know this sounds mushy and dramatic, but I am doing all that I know how with in my power and control to be with him. I am trying to have peace and faith to guide us, but I also know that God gives us inspiration and is us that has to hear and take action. It is a fine balance between the two. 

Many of you out there have shared how hard it has been. Yes, it is. Much like hurry it up and wait. The heart beats so fast, the time you have together seems like minutes and the time apart.....takes sooooo long. Seems like months sometimes. If you are not careful..... and you let the thoughts wonder away from the love you have for one another, you start to think why? this isn't fair? this is so hard? why does this have to be this hard?  The truth is many people never experience anything even close to this. To even be complaining about the imposition of it all, makes me feel childish at times. But, I am human. I do find that it does not take much to refocus my attention to what I have, what I feel, and the certainty of where I am heading....into his arms for eternity.

I miss him and the distance is tuff. We both would like more time together. We are working on it. We both get a little discouraged at times....funny thing is one or the other of us always picks the other one up. We encourage each other, give each other certainty and beyond any shadow of a doubt we both know we belong to one another forever, and we will get through this.

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1 Response May 17, 2012

I envy your optimism. I used to be that way, but everything melted away. Enjoy what you can together, and dont take a single moment for granted.

Mine had melted away at one time, even the ability to dream of my future in any way had melted away. I still shake my head in amazement that this has happened to us. I feel very lucky...very blessed. I would shout to the world life is full of surprises, you never know what is around the next corner. That is really hard to believe with optimism at times in our lives. But when we least expect it, joy awaits us on our journey. Thank you for your response, I enjoy every minute with him. The time apart is difficult still. But I will keep fighing my way until I can make it happen and we are together again in the same home the same city, in each other's arms.