The Agony and Joy of the Journey

Feels like we are worlds apart with the miles that separate us sometimes. My heart and soul long to be near him. We rejoice in all the gains that have been made, as the road is being paved for us to finally be together. The pieces all fit together, yet the wait keeps us in a constant state of longing to be connected. Our hearts yearn and ache for one another.

Our journey has taught us patience, to see into each other in a way that makes us appreciate every detail. The hard part is when you see and feel the aching of your partner's heart, knowing all along that only the time we will spend together can ease the pain. Then we wait, and it begins to feel like the world is out of balance. We realize.....we need each other in a way that we have never known before.

We live in the moment, have visions from the past, and dream of our future life together. Every moment spent together weaves a new patch into our quilt of love (and life) which becomes our new past and builds new memories that also paves the road ahead as we walk into our future hand in hand.

The magical moments on the water, with the beauty of a sunset displaying it's ribbons of soft warm colors across the horizon on one side and the mystical glow of power from a full moon reflecting a dance off the water on the other side...was enough to make a heart stand still. Moments like walking through Muir Woods feeling as though every leaf was touching you with the untamed beauty that invites you into a cathedral of tranquility.
Moments to always keep close to your heart, and that begin to make us the couple that we are today.

Our journey, filled with hope as we set our sights on the time when we will walk hand in hand daily. Wake up holding one another, and see the smile on one another's face with the music of our love and laughter. I look forward to where we are going, but also take in every moment of life in the present as it is all precious as we build our memories now.

I reach out to you my darling, my love with all my heart.... know that I love you and long for you and your company more than I can say.

TwinAngelsLove TwinAngelsLove
Sep 13, 2012