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While I believe in the concept of twin flames/rays, I am highly skeptical about people saying they have met them or are reunited with them on Earth plane. My personal belief and feeling is that, meeting your twin flame/ray on Earth is extremely rare and difficult. Each of them needs to ascend before they can re-unite into One with God/Source. And that means, they both will have to encounter lifetimes shedding the old and finally become whole in their own existence first. Either on Earth, or another dimension/realm/plane/energetic level.

The person I have encountered (still in contact) 4 years ago had changed my life entirely. I thought he was a twin as well. I began to awaken because of him. Yes, he might be a twin, but he could also be a spirit with energy and ray so similar to mine that he may be confused with a twin. I am currently learning more about twins so please feel free to comment and PM me with your thoughts and experiences as I believe, the ultimate purpose of our existence as beings of light is to ascend and become one with Source/God. And that reuniting with our twins is the most important factor in ascension.

Please have a look at these links about twins. Does it not make sense? Have some of us been mistaken our soul mates or energetic brothers/sisters as twins? You can look at these articles as either channelings from Lord Sananda (Jesus in his incarnation on Earth) and Archangel Michael, or see it purely as theories. Enjoy.


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When you meet them there can be no question, no doubt, it just is.. they're inside you like an extension of yourself that was always there...

I didn't believe in the whole concept of the twin flame also before I met mine. In fact I didn't even know the term 'twin-flame' existed till meeting mine caused me to do some research. It is also true that many people use the term falsely. They mistake the term twin-flame for soul mate. I have had a lot of soul mate connections in my life, and I wasn't actively trying to find my twin-flame, till I bumped into him. The circumstances were highly unusual. I met him in a place where I never intended to meet a potential mate. And it was so beautiful. It was as if we had a common mind. We had the exact same preference to a lot of things, and very similar life history. We could read each other's minds and it would be surprising how often we would give the exact same answer to the same question. i also felt this energy inside of me- which I believe is called the "kundali rising"- it's as if i had all this willpower and energy all of a sudden for self-improvement. As with many twin-flame relationship, which doesn't last until both parties are ready for the reunion, ours dissolved as well. It was very hard for me. I essentially quarantined myself at home for 1.5 years and I banished a lot of the good memories because they were very hard to live with when I could not be with him. And now, i don't feel the same level of connection with anybody I meet. It's easier to be alone and focus on self-development. Will I re-unite with my twin-flame? I don't know. But I'm gonna keep working on myself and trying to help other people. And if it's in the cards, we will meet again. If not, I'll be okay with that too. It was a great honor and privilege to meet my twin-flame. Not everybody gets to meet theirs and so I should be grateful. My twin cured me of my love addiction and all other addiction, and now I can grow unfettered- and that is the greatest gift anyone has ever given me

May I ask, how do you know if his was your twin for sure, despite the common 'symptoms'?

You just know because it is more beautiful that any other relationship you have ever had or ever could expect to have in your wildest dreams. I never thought I could have that much of a connection with someone, and it was a miracle that I did, and I never hope to have that kind of connection with anybody ever again. Yes, you meet people with whom you have a common mind and lot of similarities, but this was different, and it's hard to explain until you've actually experienced it yourself.

I have experienced it. The connection you talked about, but there also happened events that totally broke the connection and it was the most horrible experience ever.

It is a blessing that your twin has cured you, has planted seeds for you... May your journey to your true self be a blessing.

I can also identify with what you said
" there also happened events that totally broke the connection and it was the most horrible experience ever."
My experience was truly gut wrenching and it plunged me from the height of elation to the depths of sorrow. I have currently cut most ties with my twin-flame- no facebook, no emailing, no chatting, no phone calls, no visiting. It is too hard being "friends" when I want so much more. At this point, I am reluctant to let him too much into my life because seeing him and not having the kind of relationship I want with him is excruciating and throws me off my equilibrium for days. Sometimes I wish I didn't meet him because it is so hard now to connect with ordinary people, but then again meeting my twin-flame was a validation from the universe that I am on the right path.

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