The Story Of My Twin And Me

I didn't believe in the whole concept of the twin flame also before I met mine. In fact I didn't even know the term 'twin-flame' existed till meeting mine caused me to do some research. It is also true that many people use the term falsely. They mistake the term twin-flame for soul mate. I have had a lot of soul mate connections in my life, and I wasn't actively trying to find my twin-flame, till I bumped into him. The circumstances were highly unusual. I met him in a place where I never intended to meet a potential mate. And it was so beautiful. It was as if we had a common mind. We had the exact same preference to a lot of things, and very similar life history. We could read each other's minds and it would be surprising how often we would give the exact same answer to the same question. i also felt this energy inside of me- which I believe is called the "kundali rising"- it's as if i had all this willpower and energy all of a sudden for self-improvement. As with many twin-flame relationship, which doesn't last until both parties are ready for the reunion, ours dissolved as well. It was very hard for me. I essentially quarantined myself at home for 1.5 years and cried for hours multiple times every day. I  had to banish a lot of the good memories because they were very hard to live with when I could not be with him. Now, although I meet people I admire and like,  i don't feel the same level of connection with anybody I meet. And I don't hope to ever again. Before I met my twin-flame, I was co-dependent and a love-addict and was very distracted by all the relationship drama in my life- now it's easier to be alone and focus on self-development. I read somewhere that before you meet your twin-flame, you would go through a period in which you would feel changed and cleansed from inside out- that definitely happened to me before I met my twin-flame. (For those of you who study astrology, I had just gotten out of a two year pluto opposition moon transit and started a pluto trine sun transit, when I met my twin flame.) I don't want to go to all the beautiful details of my twin flame relationship- I do not want to remember because I will start crying all over again and get into an obsessive minset. t was very hard to forget him, to forget the details, and detach from a mind frame where I would be thinking of him every second of every hour and I don't want to go through that ever again. Although I had to suppress a lot of the memories, if I didn't detach, I would destroy myself. Detaching was the only way that I could focus on myself to do the soul-work necessary to make myself whole again so I can re-connect with my twin flame in the future. As time goes by, I am starting to feel more and more unconditional love for my twin-flame. Nowadays, I think of him fondly, and  I am no longer angry with him but understand and accept his life choices. I am even okay with the fact that we might never have a traditional romantic relationship. In fact, I think if we did had a traditional romantic relationship when we met, we would have been so absorbed in each other that we would stop growing and not achieve our mutual goals to help others.And isn't that all twin-flame couple's destiny? To be involved in some humanitarian mission? I now understand that we had to seperate so we could work on ourselves and be stronger and whole again. Because when you are incompletee and you meet your twin flame, he would reflect the same inadequacies that you have in yourself because he is an exact reflection of you. So it is important to learn how to be whole and be happy and self-sufficient before you can connect with your twin-flame. Will I re-unite with my twin-flame in this life-time? I don't know. But I'm gonna keep working on myself and try to help other people. And if it's in the cards, we will meet again. If not, I'll be okay with that too. It was a great honor and privilege to meet my twin-flame. Not everybody gets to meet theirs and so I should be grateful. My twin cured me of my love addiction and all other addictions, and now I can grow unfettered- and that is the greatest gift anyone has ever given me
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I m bangali looking someone to share time together

My wife and I found each other in the oddest of ways and it all clicked together. We'd been acquainted but when we turned together the magic started. Don't be discouraged. We've read that when you both are ready you will come together again. You have been moving toward each other over many lifetimes, apparently. If need be, what's a few more? Keep growing. You are on the path.

That's my feelings after meeting my twin flame.. Thank you :)

such a wounderful story i'm glad you met him i will pray for you both you need each other so don't worry you'll see him again don't give up;)