Most Of U Will Fail

because you cant see the battle is against ur ego not them.
so heres what you do
always take it more deeply into the heart
always feel all the love and amazement you ever felt
ask your spirit to show you ways to disconnect
when you split for other partners allow the energy to divorce on every level
never reject
never break a promise
always preserve that love
hardest thing you will ever do
but you find freedom and release when you get past your ego
youw ill see in your minds eye it isnt them its you
so you deal with ego with love conquering it
be happy and excited that you fully support them doing as they will.
there will be one in a failed twin flame more than another seeking sex eslewhere.
be loyal impeccably, realize that u need to divorce every level of energy to support them in their choice.
if yiou cant do it with absolute love you will incur damage so be good allow it to change you , release them so they can do it at their own pace.
my twin and i divorced today as i felt her arousal preceeded by the pain of disconnection lol
so i made it my law that this can only be done by absolute divorce on every energetic level so she wouldnt have the pain upon awakening if having been so this.
that can be really sad if a person has to deal with it. not a pain id wish on anyone.
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Hello! Long time we haven´t talked. I was wondering how´s your relationship with your Twin Flame. I don´t have anyone else to speak about this subject and would love to change ideas with someone that like me also had his TF experience. Thank you!

Well the drug addict twin is out of the picture mostly. The current twin fooled around on us but ive come to realize we were mirroring flaws in each other. now its trust issues which are pretty deep for me in general. But overall its boosting my spiritual awareness to unprecedented levels. I have found another twin in india as well as one closer here. we dont have one we have many. These things are about us unblocking the divine light within by undoing what mans knowledge has done in us, damage misconceptions etc.

She was talking with a guy yesterday and i sensed it immediately, i could even sense him wanting to exchange phone numbers.

My twin is the higher vibrational of the two of us (male). He is without question, the leader. This certainly gives me a new perspective. He consistantly sends me love. I was very angry for a long time. I blamed him because my marriage fell apart as soon as I recognized him and had my awakening. None of it was his fault. I was just mad because he is in a healthy relationship and I was not. Thx for sharing

you have to endure pain , and pain, and pain, to get where u need to be, you cannot have a twin connection until u die to that pain and it is immense. where eagles dare my friends because most simply dont.

complete sacrifice of ego to ones spirit and the love our spirits are is required for a successful union. youll know youre there when everythng about your twin is beautiful to you and they are still fighting and all u have is stillness within and u literally are love.

excercise for twin flames manifest the perspective of how u love each other in each other then to feel what the other feels from that perspective. then try every emotion. and thats just basic stuff try it with intellect and thought patterns, orgams, you literally can experience the totality of the other.

it hit me today that twin flame runners arent running from the vision of the other persons aspects, they see their true self in all its glory and it freaks them out.

<p>christian prayer for releasing a twin flame connection<br />
in the name of the holiest of holies , the holy falther and holy spirit , in myspirits name and the other persons spirit name and in our soul and flesh names i forgive us this connection on every level of connection there is in christ amen.</p>

<p>ahh ha thats where the insanity feeling comes in for twins because were seeing our self desc<x>riptors break up. Were literally finding our true selves emerge from our egos and that reality difference is very unsettling at first</p>

its a holy and sacred process that twin flames engage in when they seek to destroy the connection and come back to it. as i have mentioned ealier in writings, at the edge of destruction of all things everything becomes clear, you get there and remain until you can no longer sustain it, then go back to it and are fllooded with information from the spirit.

the polarity of twin flames deficits are offsets. ones deficit will correct the others. the process of disconnecting and reconnecting is the process of correcting ones own offset, because in reconnection the aspect of deficit must be released to reconnect

finding it useful to manifest ones own spirit over all of that and manifest the love from the spirit overcome it all.

absolute release of self has also been a huge thing for me , as in i allow this to redefine everything i am, because truly we dont know until we more or less die to the idea that we know who we are until such a thing defines us.

<p>i have found its possible to divorce a twin flame as earlier stated. and we did. I want people to understand that the cycle of destruction and reconnection is necessary becuase in that you chose the destruction of self or ideas that block self from manifesting the twin energy.<br />
tonight we disconnected divorced to the point i couldnt feel her we have found every level of disconnection there is .<br />
I asked my heart to manifest its full feeling on the seperation and wow pain, gut wrenching agony.i was glad i did that because if you cant feel that for your twin your cold sob or its not real. so i sad i want all of that pain manifest knowing she would sense it.</p><p>
she empathicly stated to me u dont want this, so i responded let me look so after seperating my heads energy from my heart i found my head was manifesting that. reason is unimportant.</p><p>
so i owned up to but i couldnt find that in my heart. so i did some romantic stuff gave her some songs that described us in this. and we reconnected after we did i summoned the love coming from my spirit to overcome all that i am.<br />
Powerful. thats all i can say. i saw my thoughts and attitudes of heart in my minds eye and i let divine love over come all of it.<br />
very intense.</p>

Does this «exercise» brings you and your TF more closer and closer? You do this to eliminate the Ego presence that you still have?

you have to remember with twin glames youre not fighting their ego but your wont bring them closer if they wont do the sam it will manifest your twin in another

typo twinflames

Very interesting... I am still learning about TF unions by reading stuff in books, sites and so.. But there´s nothing better than reading true TF testimonials like yours who don`t talk only about «the hearts and flowers», but show us the real dimension and power of this real blessing that is finding our TF... Thanks

as i type my tf is expressing how hard this is and tears run down my face lol my hope is we overcome this and teach others which is a tf goal. the harder it is the more it encompasses the troubles with this world. blessings and love sister

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you can reverse the divorce as well. today again we divorced completely i figure its her catalyst for awakening. dangerous game if any other potential twins are around lol you do have more iterations than one.