Fate Brought Us Together and It Ripped Us Apart.

about 8 months ago I was at the gym one day and i just happened to notice this guy walking across the floor out of all the people in the gym he was the only one that caught my eye i was drawn to him like i had known him forever.

 a week later a friend of mine introduced me to this army soldier I had this feeling that i knew him from somewhere and then it dawned on me it was the guy from the gym. Him and i hit things off really well we realized we had a lot in common with each other. coming from similar backgrounds having the same thoughts we just clicked well and were very comfortable. When we were with each other it was like time stood still when we kissed it was like fireworks and left us both breathless.

But there is a catch to this story. I am a mother of 2 beautiful children and at the time i was separated from my husband. And well he informed me that he was separated from his wife.  he was very open with his life telling me everything i felt as though i had always known him.

We would talk for hrs on the phone and just couldn't get enough of each other. we knew what each other were feeling and thinking.

well it happened around Christmas time he just suddenly stopped talking to me. I was lost i didn't know what to do what to think how to feel my emotions were so intense that it made it hard for me to function. i felt like a part of me was ripped away and i was missing something.

well i got to the point were i was worried about him and i remembered that he has showed me his mother myspace page but never wanted me to talk to her. I felt there was something a little funny about it. so on new years eve i wrote her a very long and detailed e-mail about her sons and my relationship.  come to find out he was still with his wife but when i met him he was separated from her. the story starts to unfold and the truth starts to come out. he was honest to me about everything except for the married part.

his mom and i talked on the phone for hours as if we had known each other for ever just like him and i. and to this day we still talk. he did apologize to me for what he did. but i haven't heard from him since. it's been 8 months and i still have strong feelings for him they are feelings that run so deep that sometimes i just cry

my children met him and even though it was just a handful of times they fell in love with him the min they met him. my son still talks about him and how he plans on joining the army when he gets older so he can find him. they say kids know things that we don't

another strange thing is his mother informed me that her sons wife is dying of cancer.

I still have a very very strong connection to him. He is the only man that has ever made me feel alive. but right now i feel like i am lost.

Fate brought us together it tore us apart i wonder if it will bring us back together again?? I just can not let go no matter how much i have tried to just when i start to something happens and it all comes back again. lately i have been haunted by his car well not his but cars that look like his.

I truly think he is my twin flame and we are meant to be together. I want to be with him but i just don't know if it was our time yet. every song we listened to told our story every song had words for what we were feeling or thinking at the time. our song was broken road by rascal flatts. he gave me the song lips of an angel by hinder never understood why until i got the whole story.

His mother wants to meet me when she comes to visit this summer before he leaves to go back to Iraq. oh yeah and i know everything about his family members and i have never met them in my life. Now tell me does this all sound just a little weird? and despite all this i have never been angry with him i have tried to force myself to be angry to hate him but i haven't it just makes me love him more. I am so frustrated i just want to hunt him down and just tell him how i feel. but i know that would be wrong and i think nature show just take his course. I feel as though if i continue talking to his mother i will still have that connection to him and maybe we will be brought back together.

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Tough spot to be in. Be patient. He may have to complete this part of this journey in his life before he can move on and be whole with you. It does appear that you two will reunite. Let things unfold in it's own time. You may find a purpose you did not realize in the relationship with the mother. Life is truly full of surprises. Stay true to yourself, keep the love you feel safe and honor it....so if ...or when he does return...It will light up like he never left. In the mean time, grow as an individual keep your heart safe.

Wow....I can not believe there is someone else out their going through exactly what i am going through. I know the pain your going through...I hurts so BAD words can not ever describe how you feel. If you could just crawl into a rock on some days i know you would...ugh. I know this is hard. It is very important no matter what you are going through to hold a positive view point on the situation. You have to believe in your heart and mind that Gods divine will, will be done. Affirmations are always good too. Do your best to try to stay busy and postivie. All you can do is take it one day at a time. Plus, if he is your twin you might also be feeling a combination of his emotions and yours. Recognize and release what is not yours. Best wishes :)


what everyone is saying on this board is true. dont hunt him down. Respect him. TF will come back to you. I met mine first at 18. I disappeared on him. We met again 4 yrs ago. Didnt know who we were to each other for 3 weeks and found out he is the father of my son. well our son. Now we again have been ripped apart. This time I have the more intense feelings for him. I found out when we were 18 he had them for me. I see myself growing old or at least being old with him. Things happen for a reason. With his wife having cancer...the mother of his children. That is a strong bond and he needs to honor that before he can honor you.

I agree with Boriqua about NOT interfering with the process and tracking him down. I'm copying and pasting what I posted on Boriqua's story in another group:<br />
<br />
It's not a matter of if, but when, the reunion will take place. I'll pass on some advice given to me consistently by a very trusted, authentic, straightforward, reputable psychic: The reason you predicted that you'd meet him is because before entering this life, your two souls made an agreement to meet during this lifetime to work out some karma (hence the term 'soulmates'). There is the point in their lives when 2 such soulmates meet (Point A) and the point when they reunite (Point B). Right now, you and I are in between Point A and Point B. Sometimes you'll get to point B in this lifetime, sometimes it won't happen til the next one. The waiting and not knowing are the most excrutiating parts of the relationship, though.<br />
<br />
You have GOT to let him go and do what he needs to do at this point - during this time between Point A and Point B. If you interfere with the process, it will only delay his return. Stay strong, journal, focus on yourself, nurture yourself and find support in groups like these in the meantime. And remember: If you love someone, set them free. If they were truly yours to begin with, they will find their way back to you eventually!

I agree. You need to talk to him if at all possible. I know it's difficult with his wife having cancer but you need some sort of definite answers or it will continue to pull you apart. I can't say I experienced the same thing as you did but my Twin and I were torn apart as well - I know that feeling very well. It's been 4 months now. I spent the last 3 1/2 barely functioning. There would be days I would just cry and cry and cry. The pain was intense. The last week or so has gotten a bit better. One of the things I did since I couldn't talk to her was to keep a journal of my thoughts/feelings/hopes/dreams/etc. Getting over the pain took a decision on my part. I decided - I can't live my life like this anymore. I wrote this down for her and I said, (Abbreviated version) "I need to get on with my life. I know things didn't go so well and that there was a lot of confusion. My heart still beats for you. I know you are the only one in this world for me and I would do anything for you. However, I can't waste my life hoping that you will realize that what we had was beyond words to describe. So, I will try to move on. If you do decide that you want to spend your life with me, I will drop everything for you but you need to be 100% sure that this is what you want because I am going to love you with every part of my being - body and soul." ...well, it was a lot more eloquent and heart felt than that but you get the idea. So, I wrote it all down and when the time is right, I will give my journals to her and let her decide. In the meantime, you go on with life as best as you can. Perhaps you will never meet another person like your Twinflame but I think there are others out there that can be nearly as good. It's hard though, no doubts about it. One day at a time.