The Oracle Has Spoken

I have been feeling despondent about my 6 year relationship lately, the other night I consulted my Oracle, asking the cards to please reveal what was the true nature of our relationship, the card was Twin, I've had lots to think about since then. Maybe it's the way I'm looking in on the relationship rather than experiencing it for what it is...

Goddesslight Goddesslight
31-35, F
1 Response Sep 30, 2009

Do you know the true nature of your relation? Twin soul relations and emotions are very strong. Rather than a beam of light, it will be a full lighting hitting you right on the head and making obsolete your understanding of life until that day that you met your twin soul.<br />
<br />
You cannot experience what you are blocking. Let the light flow between you and your twin soul, and by doing so, you will start experiencing. It will be an amazing journey of ups and downs; but well worth it.