New To The Twin Phenomenon

 The twin flame reunion is something I literally heard about yesterday and stayed up all night researching.  I experience many synchronicities and have always felt connected to a fundamental guiding source. So, when I was watching a video (over 5 hours!) and the only thing that constantly resonated in my mind was the term "twin flame" I took it as a sign regarding my current relationship.  

Around 2-3 years ago I was out with friends and saw this man with amazing magnetism.  I kept glancing at him all night because not only was he unknown to me but I have never felt the urge to approach someone more before.  I did think he was beautiful, but now that I think back on it, it was as if he emitted a golden light (I take that memory with a grain of salt, saves me from disappointment if I'm delusional).  So I approached him and was surprised with how much ease I made an introduction, asked his name, and then walked away unfettered.  For the following years until October/November 2009 our interaction was like this.  I was eerily comfortable approaching him, I even complimented him on his performances/music infront his girlfriend openly more than once (most times not even acknowledging her presence until the end of the conversation - not ever done intentionally).  It was as if I didn't realize how unusual my frank behaviour was - I only unconsciously followed intuition.

Last year October/November, we both unexpectedly ended up at the same party.  I had in one too many drinks and so did he...we ended up on the beach that night...a huge leap to make from our innocent flirting!  Now this all may sound like casual sex but our coming together touched me somewhere deep. He treated me with the utmost respect and called constantly afterwards so we could talk about what the hell was going on.  Through our talking, what seemed to be the budding of a regrettable fling turned out to be a deeply spiritual and synchronistic bond.  Sharing our beliefs, experiences, interests and goals helped us to see we were curing a painful lonliness in each other that we both had summed up as the human condition.  And yes, he remained with his girlfriend through all of this and the circumstance remains the same now.  She is very unhappy with us loving each other - or more specifically, him genuinely loving me.

What resonates with me is that since we got together I have found a true companion in all I do and dream.  He is a few years older and because of his current relationship we keep our union under wraps from most people (my and his closest friends know).  I am willing to deal with any consequences of this union and feel we have much to work towards together.

I have explored the possible selfishness of hurting his bond with his girlfriend who seems a lot like a soulmate needed to impart/learn a lesson (maybe a lesson for all 3 of us). However, he continues to love her and support her and I am immensely proud of him for his inner strength.  What makes me consider this a twin flame reunion is the feeling of oneness and boundlessness in our love.  It feels truly unconditional as we are willingly discarding any  convention usually placed on human relationships.  We really do not care about anything but the sound of the other's voice.  We encourage independence and complete transparency in each other, which seems catalytic to those around us.  In the infinity of the present moment, our bond always feels ever-important and eternal.

However, I admire humility.  I trust him completely but do not rule out any possibility of being wrong about us being twin flames...or even being 'meant to be'.  I've been searching within for the answer for nearly 24 consecutive hours.  Any intuitive advice about our soul connection would be greatly appreciated.  I wonder if finding the answer is even important...

Thank you for the opportunity to share.  Sorry I'm so long-winded - there's so much more I could have said too.  I recognize you all as the Infinite Oneness that is love.

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1 Response Jan 20, 2010

Thank you for sharing a beautiful story of confirmation and unfettered, pure love from above!