Life Is Better Sober!

I believe I have found myself again. I am happy again. I been clean for a few weeks now, and I never felt better. My whole life I have waited to feel this way again. I have connected with my god again, I have been trying to get healthy again. I know that trying to find a man that wants to support me a my child is not the best choice I could make, but its just so convinent.. I have really found a great sugar daddy. He opened up to me and told be that when he found out that I was pregnant he was more interested, because having a child has always been a dream of his. He cant have children because of a medical condition. He said that he would gladly take me a my baby in. He told me not to worry, because my child would have everything and anything that they want and need, so would I . I am happy about that, but the more time I spend with him, I begin to like him not as a friend but romantically. He is very attractive, and seems so sincere. He has talked about me moving in soon, which I would gladly do. He has a huge house, he has told me that I can have my private wing if I would like, or I can share the one with him. I have never been this happy before in my life. I think life is better sober.. I really dont feel lost in life anymore. I am finding my way. Some people say that I will miss the drug life, the exictmeant of it, but I want a boring life I really do!
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4 Responses May 2, 2012

"I think life is better sober" - Well said, never lose that thought, hold onto it tightly, it's your ticket to a better life. and I agree with you so much. It's only when I stopped using alcohol and got my head back together I realised how much I should have achieved and now hope it's not to late to fulfill at least part of my ambitions.


But don't you think your sugar daddy is replacing the liquor/drugs? He's just filling in that void. I hope it works out.

congratulations kiddo! i'm proud of you! i'm proud of you fro getting sober, for seeking to find your way, for getting healthy! Don't forget to find yourself, I think you just may like what you find! i hope you and your new man find great joy and peace. jack

Life sure is better sober. Good for you, and keep it up, the sobriety. Hope it works out between your sugar daddy and you.