My Ann Frank Diary

I'm a faceless voice. A voice from the streets. This is my story, Its my Ann Frank Diary. You can go ahead and call me John Brown. Grew up in low income housing my whole life, from the ghetto apartments to good apartments but infested with what I looked at as "hero's" or I guess you can also put them as "idols". Gang bangers, thugs, drug dealers, and "street survivors". Grew up loving my heritage, a Mexican bond we always had with our neighbors and family. I never was into the gang banger life. If i described myself with 3 words, i would use; skinny, funny looking, and geeky. After getting good grades in school, I guess you I really fit in with the title Geek. I would always be the one that would get pick during school and made fun of. For some reason I used to always get protected from bullies by my hero's and idols. The gangsters really looked after me, never knowing why. The majority in the town i lived in are mostly a Mexican. Gang bangers protected me even if i didn't know them. That's the same reason why i looked up to them. After 7th grade my life started taking a twist for the "better", is what i thought at that time. Bad grades, tougher attitude, stonger personality, careless, heartless and soul-less. This is where it gets real interesting. The years to come are a mindless zombie of me, full of life, yet again not me....
NewLifenNewSoul NewLifenNewSoul
22-25, M
Jan 9, 2013