My Ann Frank Diary Pt.2

         During my 7Th grade, I was a rebel about to explode. I had gone from a total nerd to an aggressive, careless teenager. I was tired of getting pick on and made fun of. I decided to try to turned into the only people who didn't get picked but weren't bullies either, a gangster. And I pursued that until about 4 months ago(Sept. 2012). My 7Th grade consisted in constant failure and trouble with teachers. My teachers couldn't believe it, and I wouldn't be able to believe that either if I was them. They always had hope and gave me a lot of chances to make up work, which i refused to do. Nothing big yet, right?
Seventh grade flew by, then kicked in my 8Th grade year. By that time i had gone from CP and AVID classes, to classes with all the trouble makers. This was a sudden change from 1 year to another. So i felt like the new kid in every class since i never hang around those classmates. My parents were always working, I cant say or blame my parents for everything that's about to happen in my life since I'm the cause of it. They both worked hard to put food on our table. Perfect parents even if my dad isn't my biological father which i didn't know about that at the time. That's for another day though. Classes with trouble makers were a lot more fun. Out of control classes regardless of what teacher it was, that's until the principle stepped in. Then everybody was perfect, until he turned his back that is.....literally. Paper planes flying all over the class room, Stapler shooters, rubber band guns, spit wads, batteries, ***** twisters, bloody knuckles, mercy, nails on chairs, smoke bombs, stink bombs, you name it, it happened. Sorry, to make it seem like that happened in all classes, it didn't, just in the last period class. It was and English class, with a old nice lady if I do say so myself, named Miss Ridgeway (if I do remember correctly). That class was the worst of the worst. And yup, I did so bad the year before that i landed there. That class really changed my future, I met my best friend and future crime partner. We hit it of from the beginning because we were both always causing class disturbances with practicably everything I named before. Even though I think we really hit it off because i had turned into the type that would never back down to a physical challenge meaning fights, bloody knuckles or what ever it may be. He is the same way, we can name him Alejandro, Or Alex. His mother is a strict Mexican lady that used to work at a WIC shop. We would go hang out everyday after school outside that shop. His brother was a very active gang member, and coincidentally, his brother was my step brothers best friend. During 8Th grade nothing different really happened in school besides the usual. The usual being trouble by now, of course. While on the streets, we started walking around town a lot more. Listening to gang related music, and hanging around with the older crowd that didn't go to school because they got expelled for what ever the reason was. And I guess that sums it up for my 8Th grade. All that would become the daily for the next years to come. My high school years is were i considered a step where I awaken my inner beast and soul-less self.
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Of course.I was going to comment on the first part but for some reason I decided not to...Its definitely a story I want to know more about, from an angle that I'm blinded to.Please continue.

any comment are encouraged... althought please stay posted because this is my life story. a simple comment just to let me know someone read it would be nice...thank you