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Experience Project is truly a wonderful place for adults of all stages of life. Notice, I say adults, because I believe children should not be allowed. Anyways, I've said before that I found this site while researching patient reviews on my MS medication almost a year ago. I had recently been diagnosed with MS, my marriage was rocky, I had endured almost losing my mother and watching her in the hospital for two months earlier in the year, and I just really needed some support. Now, my memory isn't what it used to be after some MS attacks, but I do remember my first friend was BamPow :)  and he was very helpful when I had questions about how this site works.

So my EP journey began seeking support for mainly my marriage and living with Multiple Sclerosis. After posting a story about how much I love taking hot showers, although MS patients are supposed to keep cool, Mike commented telling me to be careful with that because of the MS, he has it as well and has lived with it for over 10 years. He became my rock. We shared so many things with each other and felt as if we finally had someone who understood what the other was going through.  It was like a breath of fresh air and he helped me deal with it all when no one else could, because they didn't understand.

I could name drop all night, but I won't do that. I just hope that all of you in my circle know how much you mean to me. You have helped me through some hard times and you have listened to me vent and put up with my bitching, etc. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to be myself and use this site as my personal outlet while you continue to support me.

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You're awesome. It's a pleasure and I'm honored to be in your circle :)

When I wrote this I also had you in mind. Your positive outlook is so amazing! You've helped me in many ways and you're such a beautiful woman, inside and out! xoxo

ahwww! yeih! Really? That makes my day :') thank you. Your so sweet.

Absolutely :)

don't take it the wrong way is not you but I'm trying to build a relationship with someone on E P here

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You are a good girl J. I miss chatting with you alot sorry I dont get on as much anymore.

I miss you too...and I'm glad u found and read this!

first , thank you for answering my request , ~ and its great to read such a positive and uplifting story , and that you have so much support from your circle of friends , i wish you the best possiblehealth and happiness in the future , and let me add its an honour to be amongst your circle of friends, your a gem of a friend ! ................Peter (Vman 1370)

Thank you Peter, same goes to you! I really enjoyed writing this one.