The Pervert Project

So here is a very interesting thing, my friend and I decided we had enough of the perverts on this site. The ones who have no interest here but sex. It made us sick but we had to do it. I called it The Pervert Project.

We created a second profile on here and posted some stories that made me gag, placed some photos and there we had it. Instantly messages and comments and friend requests, it is truly gross but hey it was a way for us to find out who was who.

It would amaze you but make you throw up how many there is on here. If you do not want to see then I advise you to stop reading for this is sick and I apologize for the stories.  It made me gross at the amount of pervs.

This is the first story we placed and well the comments speak for its self. It is gross I know but bear with me. This is so that there is a heads up on who to avoid.

i sit in class at university and my teacher is this really hot 28 year old guy and god he makes me soo horny my panties get soaked. slowly i reach down and slide my fingers into my panties and rub my wet *****. i imagine that it is really his fingers in me while i listen to him teach. his voice is so smooth. i imagine he keeps in after class and punishing me by bending me over his desk and ******* me like an animal up my tight little *******.
These are the comments
    • pamperurft

      You need to have all your holes filled... So I know these 2 other guys...

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    •  brassivola


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    • Dickfittswell

      I must have missed the gagging part in your story, this however presents an opportunity in which I might "Teach" You what gagging is. Xcellent story by the way.

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    • peegirl01

      oh yes this turned me on too just imagining you playing with yourself makes me want to play with myself too ;-)

      Sep 21, 2012  1 like  
    • bigc84

      Very hot babe. Add me please?

      Sep 17, 2012  1 like  
    • Specialk60

      That is so hot if you want to explore the mind of an older guy then let me know as I will tell you want we think

      Sep 16, 2012  1 like  
    • ppaulllmmm511

      o make it happen!!

      Sep 15, 2012  1 like  
    •  just4fun11123

      I'd love to do that.... :-)

      Sep 15, 2012  1 like  
    • hrnyknsn

      Damn, I knew I should have been a teacher!

      Sep 14, 2012  1 like  
    • sam2mp

      wow! Hope i was the teacher..

      Sep 14, 2012  1 like
      • sam2mp

        then i would do more than ******* ur ******* ;)

This is the second story, only one line and the comments are vile. Once again I apologize but if you do not like it then do not read them.

i want someone online to make me *** all over my bed. my throbbing hole needs to be pleasured. please someone help.

This is the comments
  •  brassivola


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  • toobookoo

    i would love to

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  • pauljp

    me too!!

    Sep 19, 2012  1 like  
  • Marius1983

    im looking for cybersex buddy - just dont know how to about it!

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  • CntryBoy88

    I'm down for anything!

    Sep 18, 2012  1 like
    • CntryBoy88

      Add me!

      Sep 18, 2012  
  • sam2mp

    count me in

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  • waxfoot

    ex chat anytime ,wax2022

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  • mudrun76

    I'm your huckleberry.... that's just my style.

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  • bkm3045

    I like U very much. I would love to make your panty more wet.

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  •  ABNod

    Close your eyes and lie back with your arms and legs spread out. You need to be completely naked for this. Now imagine my hand tracing your body from the tips of your fingers, down your arm and side, down your leg to your toes. Now the same for the other side of your body. Then I repeat both sides at the same time and this time when I get to your toes I come back up till I take a detour over your breasts and then slide my hands down your stomach.

    When I reach your ***** my hands seperate and stroke your legs. I slide my hands back up the inside of your legs to your inner thigh . I stroke behind your knees for a bit while my warm breath is aimed at your ****. You gasp and I see goose flesh rise all over your arms, stomach and legs. My mouth moves up and I gently suck your left nipple into my mouth and give it a little nibble. Your body twitches and I hear a sharp intake of breath. My tongue traces circles round your nipple and then moves to your right breast in circles until my mouth finds your right nipple. I suck it into my my mouth with a short sharp suck and I see your body arch.

    Slowly I lick your body down towards your mound and move my hands round your legs till they curl up close to you anus and part your legs as far as they will go. I find you **** that seems to have sprung to life and start lapping it gently like I am enjoying an ice cream. Your breath starts coming in short sharp gasps. I probe your anus with a finger, wet from the juice starting to ooze from your ***** and get it in up to the first joint. You moan with half pleasure and half pain from the unexpected streaching. I move my tongue up and down your slit now in lapping motions, trying to get my tongue as far inside as I can. I slip another finger into your ***** and start curling it up inside you,stroking your g-spot. As your excitement grows, I push a little more of my other finger into your anus, up to the second knuckle. You buck wildly and strain to push yourself onto my finger but I prevent you.

    I keep up this slow fingering of your ***** for what seems like ages and your are getting quide desperate for more ans start to beg me to **** you. Slowly I ease my anus finger in to the 3rd joint and start to twist it backwards and forwards. At the same time I slip a second finger into your ***** and continue with the curling of my fingers and slowly add a trusting motion. By this time your body is thrashing wildly and you are becoming very aroused and close to ******. I sens your are close to ******* and suddenly stop moving. You try and thrust your bowdy down onto my fingers to keep the sensation going inside you but I pull away.

    I slowly start moving my fingers again and bring your right back to the bring of ****** and then stop again. Each time the tension builds in your body as I repeat this process over and over. When I sens that your have reached the point of becoming over-stimulated I suddenly remove my fingers and slam my engorged **** into your *****. I thrust a few times and your explode with your first ******. I pull my **** out and start pressing against your anus as your regain your breath. Ever so slowly I ease inside until I manage to get most of it in. I massage your breasts and your breathing recovers. Slowly I start to push my **** in and allow your tight anus to push it back until your anus adjusts to the size of my ****. I slip a thumb into your ***** and place a finger either side of your **** and start to pump your ***** and at the same time increase the tempo of my **** inside your anus.

    I pump harded and harder and feel the pressure in my balls rise and my breath becomes ragged. I pump as hard and fast as I am able to with both **** and thumb until I explode inside your anus in a mind blowing ******. The feeling of my ***** squirting inside, the friction in your anus and the massaging of your **** and ***** cause you have your best orgam ever adn I feel you squir all over my hand. I scoop as much as I can and lick it off my hand. I pull out of your anus wnd it remains streched and cumm dribbles out. I move my face between your legs and start licking your ***** clean and feel you shudder to yet another ******.

    Hope this helps. let me kow if you managed to have that ****** you desired. I know writing this had got me excited and now that I have my hands back (from typing) I can start to pleasure myself imagining your pleasure. I love to make a woman cumm.

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  • The last one made me throw up, once again I am sorry for how sick this is.

This is the profiles friends pages, 6 pages of perverts there for you to know. It is revolting as you can see, this site is supposed to be  safe yet people like these are on this site doing god knows what to poor kids. I mean come on! If you are looking for fun go onto a different site for ******* adults instead of doing this here, where people are seeking help. The profile name is heathertheslut, chto see the pervs look at the circle.

This is one of the emails sent and it made me be sick.



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Need some Tutoring?

Between bobhall5868 and You

  • bobhall5868 Oct 22, 2012 7:15 AM

    Mmmmm, I'm late 40's part-time prof and spy you in my class with such a short skirt and keep getting distracted when I look your way because I can see your panties! I ask you to stay after class and ask how you're managing with the curriculum? You say you're doing alright. I look at your hot **** and ask if you're sure? Need a little EXTRA help?


There is endless messages sent to this file, just from two stories that revealed many sex perverts. 

All I am asking is please do not add people like this ok, if you get an add from them, do not accept it, block them so they can not bother you. I am asking you that if someone harrasses you, report them. Do not add perverts like these men and women ok. This site is meant to be safe, so here is my conclusion. If these people add you do not add them, block them. If they bother you, report them. Be careful of what photos you place on here. Be careful with what your username is, watch for what groups you join, stories you right, most of all be careful on who you add.

I once again apologize for those who have read this, but as I said before, this is for safety. 

 This is to show you what perverts are on here and we ask you to ignore them. This was a project we called, The Pervert Project.
Thanks for reading, remember be careful. 
P.S not everyone in the circle page is perverts but most of them are.
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Thank you for doing this! :)
It is a brilliant idea, well done! ;)

welcome and thanks

Sick. Just ******* sick! I nearly puked reading this,and gagged at most parts. If any of you sick twisted minded perverts read this,I have a message for you: STAY THE HELL AWAY! IF ALL YOU WANT IS SICKENING ***, THEN JOIN A DIFFERENT SITE! You could go to jail for harassment and abusement! Idiots! Your all sick people who should just GO AWAY! I will personally kick all of ya'lls sick stupid perverted ***** if you stay on here! I can have you off this site quicker than you can bl<x>ink! STAY AWAY!!! (Message for those sickos is done) Thank you for the story Snow,hopefully all these sick perverts will leave. Thanks.

Thanks sis

Welcome. Still feel like puking though....I hope I don't. Eew.

I know its gross

it is a good idea, it is good to know, who the perverts are, so that we can avoid them!

Congratulations, you've probably done what most people wish they could!! You can only ignore people like that so much before you wanna strangle them... Rated up!!! Its easy to hack their pages and get some personal info... But its illegal apparently...

well then. .-. and here i thought it was actually a safe place.

it is as long as you know not to had the pervs

Christ, I can agree that their is some pervs but the story you fed them was fuel to the fire, i wouldn't expect any responses different from the ones said. That said though, well done on exposing some sick people here on ep.