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Hi my name is Shellie, I am dating a US marine. I am 19 going on 20 and my boyfriend Matt is 21. He is currently in BRC(recon school) in California. We have been dating 6 almost 7 months. And we are madly in love <3.

Life didnt always seem to be this sweet, I dated a marine in high school. He was 2 years older than me. We started dating two years before he joined the marine corps. So 3 years of dating all together. After his basic training we decided to get engaged my junior year in hs and we would get married right after I graduated. He was also in recon and out in California. I hated being in high school with him being so far away. I waited around for him to call every night, barely went out with my friends and missed a ton of my hs experiences including dances. You see my ex had a depression problem. He hated his life inside the Marine Corps and even tried to take his life once. And I stood by his side throughout all of it. I hated that I couldnt just be out there with him to comfort him and that I was stuck at home. Well right after he tried to take his life things started to get better or so I thought, until he started talking to me and getting distant. But I wasnt worried until a few months before I was supposed to graduate. He called and told me he was seeing someone else. Cheating on me! With a camp tramp. He said that I was too young and that he wanted someone to be out there with him. Too young? The girl who he cheated on me with is 3 weeks older than me. I just didnt understand we had gone through all of that stuff together how could he be doing this to me? We were supposed to be getting married. Well about a month and a half after he left me he married that girl. I was depressed for months and months. You see he wasnt just my boyfriend he was my best friend so it was like losing 2 people at once. I vowed to never date another marine or person in the military ever again.

And then I met Matt :) We met through a mutual friend and he just absolutely came out of nowhere and swept me up off my feet. You see he doesnt care that I am far away going to college and that yes our relationship is hard because its long distance. He is willing to make it work. I know what youre thinking dating a marine again? You must be crazy. And yes I am crazy, crazy in love. You see out of that mess of heart ache I suffered through I got something amazing. I got Matt. Everything truly happens for a reason. You always have to have faith that something good will come out of an horrible situation. And I have learned so many lessons in my past relationship that have given me strength for this relationship. My past only made me stronger today & Today I can truly say that I am the Proud, Strong Girlfriend of a United States Marine.

-Semper Fi <3.
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I see i see i went through ****** realtionships before i met My now Husband. We met in highschool he swept me off my feet. We have now been together for almost 3 years. We are very close and madly in love as well. I was with him before he went and joined the corps...It did take a tole on our realtionship before he went to boot camp things got really bad there for awhile...but we got evereything figured our 4 months before he left for bootcamp. He and i got engaged on 7~02~10 and we just recently got married on 12~28~10. I wish you and your boyfriend a happy life togetehr. Because i know the corps has broughten me and My Marine so much closer and our bond is incrediable i dont think we would of ever been this happy if it wasnt for the Marines. I owe them alot and thats whi i will never leave my marines side no matter how hard things get.

o yes I am so thankful for what has happened to me even though it hurt a lot i got something better in the long run :)