So It Begins...again

Tomorrow I start school again and Im excited because I get to have something other to do than work to take my mind off of Matt. Right now were currently living off of skype dates, we love being able to see each others faces. It helps make things a little bit easier for us. Which by the way he loved my red hair and my tattoo!! He was in shock for a minute or two. But he was like "Baby you look beautiful" even without red hair. Isnt he just the cutest?? Gosh he drives me absolutely crazy!! Even though the distance is hard we still find ways to make our relationship exciting and new. I miss him so much I wish he would come home soon!! I just wanted to say hey to all the marine girlfriends out there because I havent written in awhile but I hope everyone is staying strong!
shelliecole shelliecole
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2 Responses Sep 19, 2010

lol ya i was i was like o gosh if he hates it il have to go back and get it recolored!! but he didnt he lovedd it so much !!!

aw thats so great im glad he liked it!!... i kno u<br />
were prob freakin out until friday lol