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I love him. He makes my whole world brighter. Just like every couple, we have our fair share of fights. But when its good, its soo good. We share similar interests, but still have separate interests. He's affectionate, kind, and I trust him not to betray me, simply because he is so honest. He is morally sound but not judgmental. He is hard working. He is smart. He is handsome. So very handsome <3. While we may not have sex as much as I might like, we still make love often, and when we do, we do it right. It's amazing. He does little things that show me he genuinely cares. Cooks meals, helps clean up, brushes my hair out of my eyes. There are no words to describe the contentment and security I find in his love. I have to say, proof-reading this, he sounds too good to be true. But he is real! and he is mine! I am in awe ans so very thankful that he loves me in return.
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I wish I had that.